Secret wine storage drawers built into stairway

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Well not that secret. Mine would be filled with board games.


Not bad, but I prefer the under-stairs dragon lair.


Good old Spot.


Nicely made, but vibration is the enemy of wine storage. My wine “cellar” is under the basement stairs, but on shelves fastened securely to the concrete foundation of the house, not to the stairs.


this is where i store my potato grenade launcher, no room for wine or board games.


After all those years under the stairway, Harry Potter had his revenge.



Oh, so now it’s bad to hoard face masks but fine to hoard wine? What the heck kind of double standard is that?

Anyhoo, this would never work for me. I can drink it faster than I can afford it.


Morty we’ve got to go to Bendigo!!

I really like the idea of using stair frames for storage, but definitely wouldn’t be storing wine in it.


It’s all fun and games until you’re stumbling down the stairs in the middle of the night to piss after having drunk some / most / all of the wine and having left the occasional drawer open…


hope he is good at mortise and tenon otherwise it could collapse under weight


I guess that Murray Berrill Constructions could advertise with the tag line that “You’re buying a stairway to…”
hang on, that’s copyright theft!

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I’m not seeing how the two are connected?

With the configuration he has (two drawers) I suspect there are three stingers that run the full length of the stairs. The weight of the person on the stairs is put through the tread or flat part of the stair into the stringer.

It would be interesting to see what the backside looks like, if there is a frame that supports the length of the drawer. I suppose he could have “hung” rails off the bottom of the tread to hang the drawers from, which would add more weight to the stair itself. But I can have several hefty adults stand on most stairs I’ve been on and feel completely safe. I don’t think wine would be my storage item of choice for stairs however.

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I’m honestly surprised I’ve never seen this in a movie as a weapons cache. John Wick walks up to a hidden keypad in his house punches in a code and drawers of guns, ammo, and gold coming sliding out…

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mr and mrs smith does it in the stove

we used to have a refrigerator under the stairs before computer games that was considered quite cool

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I was going to reply with a joke about that seeming rather tight and the oven being self cleaning…

I think I remember the scene you are talking about and always wondered what would happen if someone preheated an oven with ammo in it.

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weather that was a custom stove then is probably a question for the producers
like when the adversaries appear at a roof top location and she calls him chicken sh1t…pussy after math mark… :slight_smile:

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