Security robot drowns during patrol

I foresee an uptick in trompe l’oeil artwork of stairways, “speed bumps”, open doorways, fountains, strollers, entire landscapes etc to fake out and confuse auto-bots.

Should be massive fun.

Strategically placed mirrors should be hysterical also and anechoic material for those that use ultrasonic range-finding.

Then there’s graffiti tagging. Going to be amusing.

Rust In Peace little buddy.

Stick him in a bag of rice. He’ll be fine in a week.


Admittedly, the system that lets my Roomba detect stairs also causes it to think a dark floor, or a black segment of an area rug, is a ledge it needs to avoid. Not that drowning is acceptable, but I can certainly imagine the K5 programmers making a different set of tradeoffs.

Everybody beat me to it, I remember a cartoon years (decades?) ago, with Dalek at foot of staircase: “Well that buggers our plans to take over the universe”.

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All those “wheelchair access ramps” put in everywhere? Secret Dalek plot, I tell ya.

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