The Daleks are here! Automated surveillance at an affordable price


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I would rather go to a mall specifically to steal one of these than to shop for what is there now!


I dunno, I think I’ll just save my money and upgrade to a Cyberman in a few years.


Why would humans invent such a thing? Why?

(They are human, right?)


Wilton Knight was an eccentric genius.


yeah, this looks like it’s a lot more valuable than what ever you thought of stealing in the mall.


We’ve been warned about this idea…


For fun, I’d guess.

If you want to make a robot and somebody gives you money to do so, would you turn the chance down?


K5? Bah! I’m holding out for a K9.


So much money spent building a gadget that can be instantly defeated with a piece of duct tape over the camera.



Looks like a cross between R2D2 and a vibrator, to me.


Yeah, kids, it’s all fun and games until one of these rampages through your party.


“I don’t blame you…Are you still there?”


All these jokes make me feel so dirty!


Need to build a robot that will go to mall lots and sheepdog these robots into a self driving van.


Needs a plunger manipulator and paint roller death-ray.


They look more like Sonicare toothbrushes, without the stem and brush. Nothing in the article about whether they move autonomously, or require a remote “driver”.


I see many of these getting stolen if they are ever actually put in use.


Ahh, chopping mall. The poor man’s “Killbotz”.