See bold thieves snatch $27,000 in products from a bustling Apple Store in 30 seconds


Insert Apple/Banana joke.


Props to all those people for not putting themselves at physical risk to save a multi-billion-dollar company from having to make a minor insurance claim.


I don’t see anything indicating that they were secured to the tables at all…


Might be some location tracking code in there as well, using GPS (for iOS devices) and bog only knows what for the laptops.


Yes this trope is a lazy and very outdated opinion based on ill-informed received opinion.

For my job, I priced out identically configured (as close as possible) laptops for our technical consultants and there is almost no difference at all between apple, lenovo, and dell for laptops with the processor speed, RAM, storage capacity, display, weight, and warranty. It’s hard to compare features identically because lenovo and dell have infinitely more model choices and apple is more tightly integrated with software and hardware, but, no, the idea that you pay a premium for apple over similarly equipped machines hasn’t been valid for 4 or 5 years.


There’s a not-quite GPS system that Apple and loads of other phone makers use that correlates detected wifi networks with a database of wifi networks and their locations. The Macs probably use that.


That’s about two iPhones these days.


In any case, putting his life and well-being on the line for luxury goods that aren’t even his has to be the silliest thing to do in anyone’s life.


So like… only 3 or 4 things then?


Boy, Apples monetary loss sure could have been significantly less if only they didn’t overcharge so much for their products. /s


I’m curious what you find amazing about it?


Didnt you see?
They also got those spendy little chargers and proprietary usb cords.
I’m sure I have bought my daughter 27k worth of those damn things!


If there was such a thing as a Microsoft store, the damage would be less than 10k.


You say that now, but right after their brazen theft went unchallenged, they shot Uncle Ben.


the display items have a special generation software for display purposes


Ha, my thought exactly. $27k in an apple store, what did they steal? A I-watch and a couple of proprietary charging cables? /s


Can they be sold for parts? Or just to unsuspecting folk in a parking lot who think they’re getting a great deal. I’d think tracking software that still ran in sleep mode would be a better idea (I’ve written simple Android stuff that does that.)


It’s a testament to the easy portability of Apple’s thin, lightweight laptops!


Of course, if they had gone for the backpacks and bags belonging to the customers, you’d have taken them on, right?


How did we get to the point where not risking your life for physical property is supposedly something to be ashamed of?