See the cute and strange underbelly of animals


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Animal Upskirt, eh? I don’t know I feel about this. :dancer:


See the seedy underbelly of nature:

The dark side of wildlife:


I just want to scritch them.
… well, most of them.


AGH that looks painful :frowning:


No hedgehogs? They have the best underbellies.


It’s scary I thought the same thing.


No kitties?
My favorite critter on glass shot.

Those little embedded black beans…


There was a kitty; it was one of the hairless ones.
The mealworms, it doesn’t matter what side I look at them from; only a lizard could love them.


To critter.


can someone do this for humans? just people laying on their bellies on glass with a photo from below.


There is probably a whole porn genre for this.


Probably. And I can think of a lot of people this wouldn’t be very flattering.

Hope you like pale and hairy!


Man, that bird is having a hard time standing up. Evolution didn’t prepare birds for glass tables.

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