See the shot similarities between all of the Indiana Jones films

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Given the terrible entertainment (despite similar shots and same cast) in film #4, the swap-the-gold-for-dirt gif is just perfectly chosen. Well done. Well done.

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Alot of these are a stretch.

But really, just highlights how terrible crystal skull truly was. At least in the first three we got a bit of originality. CS was just recycled everything.

It’s kind of stupid to call anything in crystal skull, similarities, since they were purposeful and horrible rehashes of the infinitely better original scene. That movie should be erased from history or at least be laid waste by the power of the ark of the covenant.

And pointing out that all the movies start out with a mountain… because it’s dissolving from the paramount logo is like ‘no shit, sherlock’.


India Jones franchise, worldwide gross earnings [not adjusted for inflation, and only from the movies] & production budgets:

$389,925,971 Raiders .. Ark (Budget: $ 18 million)
$333,107,271 Temple of Doom (Budget: $ 28 million)
$474,171,806 Last Crusade   (Budget: $ 48 million)
$786,636,033 Crystal Skull  (Budget: $185 million)

The movie franchise has total lifetime worldwide gross earnings in excess of $1.98 billion, against production costs of $279 million. Someone liked these movies, and someone else has profited from them enormously.

Just in case you somehow managed to watch #4 and not notice how much was rehash it was of the earlier films.

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Technically, I’d say “The Last Crusade” was the least original because it was almost exactly the same as “Raiders” – Indy needs to get a religious artifact before the Nazis do – and said artifact ends up killing the main Nazi. I’m not a big “Crystal Skull” fan, but adding aliens and Communists to the mix was original – it was just the implementation (and the thankfully forgotten Shia LaBeouf) that was the problem.


Well that doesn’t surprise, after all comparing to this video we see tha one thing Indiana Jones films are is referential. I would have thrown in a blatant Star Wars reference If I were Lucas (or something from… I dunno maybe E.T?)

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