See you at the Cincy Comicon!


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Baby, if you ever wondered…

Cincinatti, double you dash nineteen…


Nope, ya won’t.

Have fun, though.


You should be given 100x the actual number of likes you will receive for that. :slight_smile:


Probably see you there!

(Dunno if I’ll reveal my secret identity.)


Have fun. Not many names I recognize. Evan Dorkin is an old school indie comic guy.

Katie Cook will draw you the cutest tiny sketch of what ever for the low low sum of $10.


##“Wondered, whatever became of me…”


Is the beanless Greek chili in Cincinnati really as special as people say? (scroll to end)


Sweeter than my finely Texas-honed taste buds liked. But I’ve had worse regional fare.

(I’m looking at you: Illinois Horseshoe)


Hey! Yer missin’ somebody! A coupla somebodies, in fact!


Alas, Johnny Fever; ye were absent on the day of the photo shoot…

And so was Lonnie Anderson, apparently.

It’s weird that they weren’t in the pic…


I think they were cropped. Weird.


Yes it is, although it’s not really chili. More like bolognese sauce, but made with cinnamon, nutmeg, and chili spices. Contrary to popular belief, there is no chocolate or cocoa powder to speak of… no real Cincinnatan would dare do that to their chili :wink:

Served on top of spaghetti (or baked potato) and under cheese


I lived in Illinois for several years, and I’ve never heard of this. Google Images shows me something that looks like French fries doing bukkake to a hamburger. I think I’ll pass.


No one watched it for those two any way. Les Nessman was the money maker.


Mark at the ComicCon:

“LEAP tall buildings in a single bound? As God is my witness, I thought Superman could fly.”


I loathe the stuff, but I wasn’t born here.


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