"Selfie" named word of the year



I’m waiting for a word to describe the act of grabbing someone and holding them close and taking a quick “selfie” as though you were best buddies, when the other person has no clue who you are.

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as a photographer who does self portraits, i DESPISE this term.

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There are much better reasons to be suspicious of me…

Note to self: do not watch any sort of news on TV or read any mainstream media for the next 48 hours in order to avoid constant non-news stories on the “selfie phenomenon”.




While I don’t hate selfies, I DO hate the word. Especially since it’s somehow gotten a negative vibe attached to it.

“Selfie” was only named Word of the Year because it voted for itself 476 times.


I despise this word and hate you now OED.

@TimmoWarner Of course it has a negative vibe attached… unless it’s a “I’m at this unusual place” self portrait (i.e. cases where the place is the subject, not the person), self portraits are the pinnacle of narcissism.

That being said this is the only self portrait I am proud of:

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This selfie music video captures what everyone is saying perfectly. Check out the lyrics.

I voted for “duckface.”

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Wouldn’t a car selfie be a picture of a car taken by the car itself? The picture looks more like a Rob selfie.

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Woah! Where did Beschizza get that “selfie” of Bilbo Baggins?

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I think it was on a road trip with Leonard Nimoy.


Good dentist selfie!

I had the opportunity to reuse a year-old selfie I took at the dentist when my twin brother recently got a root canal, and his kid replied to his FB post with “pics or it didn’t happen”. I got your pic right here, bro.

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Ugh squared.


no copyright

Since this refers mostly to pics taken with a cell phone camera, shouldn’t that be spelled “cellphie”?


Selfie, selfie, selfie. Ok, I’m done here.

It’s selfish like that.

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Hm. What’s the opposite of a photobomb? Photodud? Photohole?