Selling out comes with consequences for Marjorie Taylor Greene

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When MTG is not extreme enough, the party has really gone off the rails. But this should not be surprising. The vast majority of Republican Members of Congress refused to impeach DJT for inciting the mob to attack the Capitol. Most of them are still repeating the Big Lie that Trump actually won. A good many are spouting other parts of the set of wacko Q-Anon conspiracy theories. That’s the new normal in the GOP now: MTG is an outlier only because she’s louder and a bit farther into the crazy.


I believe the issue is not that she isn’t radical enough but that she ceased being their radical as soon as it was politically expedient for her personal trajectory.


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What concerns me is that a more extreme figure could swoop in and take her place… Her district is heavily gerrymandered, and has a long history of violent racial oppression. When I lived there, it was still a very segregated place in a lot of ways. I remember on MLK day, a small group of people from one of the historically Black churches up the road marched in remembrance… no one came out to see it… it was just me and my co-worker standing outside watching them… The KKK would sometimes come into town to handout fliers (and me, two of my co-workers, and some punks once set up a counter to them).

She moved from a purple district to that part of N. GA (6th) because she knew her extreme views would get support there… If she’s no longer extreme enough in her climb up the ladder, I’m worried about who will come next out of there…

That’s my concern, too. A more extreme figure could mean real trouble for anyone not on board with their agenga, or anyone who is the wrong color, or wrong religion, etc. That part of the state has gotten more diverse… my aunt who goes to one of the Catholic churches there says that they have several Spanish language masses now to serve the Latinx community that has moved up there for work in the carpet mills. There is also at least one Synagogue, some very forward thinking Episcopalians, and a decent sized Black community…


I’d say that this is a ‘lie down with dogs; get up with fleas’ situation; except that dogs are far better people than any of the people involved.


Indeed, but I am having a hard time regarding either her or McCarthy as “centrist.” By any reasonable standard, they are still firmly in the far right. They are centrist only in comparison with the sizeable and apparently growing even farther right fringe.


These illustrations are just excellent. Here’s Bobo and MTG in a single grotesquerie.


That’s why @jlw put it in quotation marks.


In the Illuminati: New World Order game, many group cards have alignments that are opposite and opposed by other alignments. Corporate opposes Government, Liberal opposes Conservative, Weird opposes Straight.

But every card with a Fanatic alignment opposes every other card with a Fanatic alignment.

The modern GOP is composed entirely of Fanatics, and they all want each other dead.




She’s supporting Kevin because she thinks she’ll get the committee assignments she wants from him. She knows he needs every vote. She’ll say whatever she needs to to get what she wants.


“Wait, I’m a leopard! Why are you eating my face?”


I’d take a bullet for my dog, but I probably wouldn’t pee on MGT if she we’re to catch fire.


In the earlier days of Internet forums, I remember a lot of people saying how extreme they thought Cheney, Bush and many in the Republican Party were. I don’t think they were wrong, but we are now seeing the Overton window expand again. In ten years there really will be people who look at MTG and Boebert and think “they’re the voice of reason in this party.” FWIW, I think the window has expanded left too.


McCarthy is not so much “centrist” as he is a neo nazi who knows how to behave in mixed company.

MTG is a neo nazi who is taking lessons how to behave in public.


I doubt that. The reality is that there is only so far you can go until you get to ultimate stage of fascism, and these lot are pretty much already there. We’re already seeing them eat their own and start to struggle in their own internal civil war. If they can’t gain full power of all branches of government (if there are real consequences for things like Jan. 6, etc), then eventually things will move back.

It has not, no. That would require the majority of people hold “leftist” views, and while there is a progressive wing of the DNC, it’s mostly centrist democrats. People who think that the New Deal style of government is “too far left” is ignoring it was the political center for decades, and was still to the right of most other countries.



Good lord no, it has not. Every other western democracy’s entire political system is left of Obama and quite a bit left of Biden.

ETA more context: Every time Republicans lose an election, they respond by shifting right. The thing is, so do Democrats. Every politician in America thinks the only way to win is by appealing more and more to the right. I don’t know why it is this way, but it’s been the clear pattern over the past 50 years or so. Not since the New Deal days has America had anything that any other democracy would recognize as a somewhat balanced political system with an actual centre.


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…as are the damned fleas.


Blackmail, you say? Does MCarthy have proof she’s the DC pipe bomber? There’s been a lot of speculation her stature and mannerisms resemble the suspect in the videos. I don’t know, but it sure would be nice if the FBI investigated her.