Senate fails to pass 'Skinny Repeal' of Obamacare; McCain cast crucial 'No' vote

Lady in the blue dress sums up the overall feel about this :laughing:

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In the words of Winston Wolfe, “let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet”. Trump and McConnell are still bent on “letting Obamacare fail”, which is to say sabotaging it in every possible way open to them. Murkowski, Collins, McCain and 48 Democratic senators may have headed off this particular attack, but the war is still going on and plenty of people are still going to get ground in the gears of the Republican effort to tear down every last shred of Obama’s legacy.


Honestly, yes, They must not have seen an electoral victory coming for a while, with all the repeal grandstanding, they clearly aren’t the party to actually deal with the creation of social legislation. This is the mode they’re a lot more comfortable in, quietly chipping away at good (well, better than nothing in this case) social legislation until it’s worse than meaningless, then declaring all social good a failure



No. One good deed does not erase a lifetime of ill ones.


This is a really big point. Those two women stood against their party the whole damn way, but in the end this is somehow a John McCain story. I’m glad he voted the way he did, but Collins and Murkowski actually carried the burden.


What a weird night this has been in America.

Like any other day in era of TGOP tRump. Bigly Sad!


Maybe reality will settle in, like a thick, impenetrable fog. There’s no path forward but to gut the insurance industry and build a single payer, universal health system. Maybe, just maybe they’ll realize it’s the only way to clear the air.


I reckon Trump will be upset that his show isn’t getting these kinds of ratings.

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Most of them (Rep) had some comment about how bad the bill was, how it was terrible policy and politics. Some even said they would only vote for it as long as it never became law. Then they held their noses and voted yes because they represent a party and not the people. Washington was right. Political parties are toxic to democracy.


People get health care for another day. Why is this a debate?

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Yes. It’s the fault of the democrats. Sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Mitch. (By the way, how do you sleep at night?)


Yes, it’s the Democrats’ fault that you couldn’t pass a bill decimating a law almost entirely written by Republicans. This only makes sense in your head, Mitch.



Once again women can work twice as hard as men and end up with half the credit.


Exactly. It’s what they’ve also been doing to all levels of public education for a while now. Undercutting and shrinking it until it’s so small they can drown it in a bathtub (or gulp it down like a minnow).


I think there is much more to this than nefarious “twisting the knife” or rigid “procedural principle”.

The only way we move on from this issue is to have the GOP pass an odious partisan bill (scary), vote them out in 2018 (uncertain and far away), or to have an actual legislative process that can succeed or fail on it’s own merits.

You and I may disagree with McCain about the right way to do health care, but voting no on “skinny repeal” after voting yes on proceeding with debate makes it seem like he was voting for consensus and governance more than anything else.

He could still prove me wrong, but for now I am hopeful that McCain for one is behaving exactly the way we should all expect and hope for from legislators, even the ones we disagree with.


Letting it fail does mean that the public will turn solidly against the GOP, and only Tea Party fundamentalists don’t see it (or feel they have the system rigged enough in their favor that they don’t care). I mean, Obama’s legacy was always going to be “better than average” and no one is actually going to blame Obama for Trump looking back in time.


Nothing would have been shut down a week ago.

Repealing Obamacare is the turd that won’t flush right now. It is going to keep resurfacing until they pass something or we vote them out.

At least with a real legislative process voters will see what this corrupt party is trying to do to them, and what they stand to lose.


If McCain had voted “no” a week ago, all debate and forward movement on proceeding with due process on the three alternatives to Obamacare would have stalled.


ugh, as a Nevadan, i hope this finally seals dean heller’s political coffin. he has got to GO. he has always put party above his constituents. what a toady he is.