Senate Intel Committee to hold 'Disinformation' hearing on Russian hacking and Trump election win


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Disinformation is the way. The way is disinformation.


Not convinced that this is not just a pony show to launder the problem for Trump and the GOP leaders.


How about a campaign to educate voters on information literacy?



There are Democrats on the Intelligence Committee too? And Richard Burr and Marco Rubio are no friends of Trump and have come out pretty hard against Russian hacking.


Yes, but always outvoted by the GOP block, who no doubt will not investigate the party president. The predictable result is “no collusion with the Russians” and somehow will make it impossible to ever open the case again. Somehow they always manage to do that, of course unless your Clinton and they will endlessly investigate anything repeatedly no matter how dubious.


For those interested, the EU has established a group to monitor and promote communication between member states and provide a remedy to disinformation. Records of Russian disinformation campaigns and the correction of actual news by this group have been going on for years.


Tiny Trump is unrealistically slim


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