Senate tells DEA to stop interfering with medical marijuana


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Maybe they can tell DoJ to back off, too ? <—facebook link


Cue accounting shell game in 3, 2, 1…

Also, incoming uptick in civil forfeiture revenues…


I appreciate the calling out of “Fake Democrat Dianne Feinstein” since I’m stuck with Darth Feinstein locally.


I wasn’t aware that BoingBoing was in a position to enforce ideological purity. This could be interesting:
See John Warne


If you think Feinstein is a good Democrat (or person), you’re either living in a bubble or in denial. She only gets elected because the GOP never fields a credible candidate locally, nor the Greens or Communists.


Oh, she might be perfectly horrible, but I wonder if I can go through BoingBoing’s history and find a place where they disagreed with most Democrats. In other words, I find all assertions of ideological purity/impurity stupid, regardless of who is on either end of the bullshit-cannon.


What ideology do you think Mark is espousing? I think he’s just a Californian (like me) who wants to drive a pencil through his ears every time he hears her name.


Oh? Does party affiliation still have anything to do with ideology? Not among careerists I expect.

She fits the bill. You could call her a fake credenza if she got down on all fours, or a fake fire extinguisher if she does a spit-take. You’d be correct every time!


I dunno, but I’m not the one who called her a fake Democrat. Again, you miss the point, she can be terrible. Since when is that a disqualifying feature for Democrats?


It is more that her overall politics are really more aligned with the GOP. I tend to agree that they are.


Why do you need a spending bill to STOP doing something?


The DEA is in the executive branch. Congress doesn’t have a right to order the DEA to do or not do anything. Not unless congress federally decriminalizes medical cannabis in the drug scheduling.

So instead congress has decided to attach strings to the DEA’s funding instead. Because it’s easier than amending a law.


Because of the Constitution.


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