Senator assumes female pilot is "stewardess"(video)

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Gee, I wonder which party that Senator is from? /s


Well, the rest of us have a pretty good idea.


huh? it’s not hard to “de/re/program” one’s self. you simply have to have an interest in doing so. and he doesn’t; having tied his position of power to denying women bodily autonomy


Nah, fuck that noise; the senator in question has ready access to all the resources available to reeducate and retrain his brain so that he can adapt to the current century.

Can’t blame “society” if there is no actual motivation or even any inclination on the part of our leaders to make any real change, to try do better; hell, many people in power are actively trying to do worse, and drag the whole world down with them.




I mean yeah, we are influenced by our social order’s mores and such, but giving reactionary white men yet another chance to declare themselves rhe REAL victims these days?

brother bear what GIF


maybe in his mindsetting, he really doesnt.


My partner has an engineering degree from a prestigious university in Europe, but she was once asked as she finalized a technical report how she knew so much in her role as a secretary. I have seen the dagger eyes personally for other reasons - he probably regretted opening his mouth. These men are from a different time that unfortunately is coming around again.


He’s not that old (born in 62, so he would have been fully aware of the second and third wave feminist movements). And there are PLENTY of men far younger than that who hold retrograde views of women, including some who are Republican senators or house members. There is a whole “men’s rights” movement that often trades in these sorts of views of women that are spearheaded by men who are much younger than I am (and I’m a Gen Xer).

This is part of why we can get this shit out of our political structures… because far too many people believe that it’s only a “holdover” from an older time, rather than a living, active ideology that is used to keep women “in their place”. Same as racism and transphobia and other isms, we’re not going to get rid of them by passively waiting for old people to die. We get rid of them by fighting against them and trying to build political structures to correct for them and empower people historically discriminated against.


Do tell.

When exactly has there ever been a time where there was not an active and ongoing effort to oppress and control women?!?
To keep us in our “proper place?”


He’s three years younger than I am, and I’ve known better since the year he was born.

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Who even uses the word “stewardess” anymore? Geez, dude. Have you even been on an aerioplane since the 1960s? Travel tip: they don’t allow smoking on them anymore either!


Okay but in the short term can we simply strip these malprogrammed funtionaries of their privilege and maybe put them on new career paths while they get themselves sorted? There are so many more useful things they could be doing.


Nope. Not if we have anything to say about it. My daughters and granddaughter will not have to grow up in that kind of world. I may go down, but I will go down swinging.


You, me and countless Others, Doc.

I ain’t no ‘easy win.’


People seem to assume that any offensive crap that is now unacceptable was accepted at some point in the past, which is always imagined to be somewhere between twenty and fifty years ago rather than fixed at any particular year. As the years pass, the time when unacceptable crap was supposedly still acceptable moves forward too.

I remember reading someone say something like “This isn’t the 1980s, corporal punishment isn’t acceptable any more.” I’m old enough to know that corporal punishment was not universally accepted then, at least not in Britain. Back then the attack line would have been “This isn’t the 1950s…”


Yeahhh, my gramps is probably about the same age, gender and ethnicity as Dorkink. He doesn’t go around assuming that every woman he sees is a flight attendant instead of a pilot, nurse instead of a doctor, secretary instead of executive etc. Especially if they told him 2 seconds earlier.

This Senator lived through the sexual revolution, MeToo… he has no excuse for this behaviour.


I’m… uh…somewhat older, but still working on my own reprogramming, as I encounter new and challenging ideas (thanks, BBS). Nothing in Dornink’s Wikipedia profile suggests he has ever come across a challenging idea. Has he ever travelled beyond the boundaries of Minnesota? He apparently fled the big-city life of Austin, Minnesota (pop. 26,174) with its disruptive ideas, for the honest rural life of Brownsville (pop. 633, 2% of them his children). His career is a blank until his election as a senator in 2020. Nothing in the article suggests his programming has gone beyond Version 1.0 Beta.

Twelve children, at least some of whom must be adults or late teens. I don’t know if I feel more sorry for his daughters or his sons.


This astute Reddit user noticed that he calls her “toots” right before making his more obvious mistake.


Yeah… too bad no one said that so far in this thread. Yep. A real fucking shame.