Senator calls out Dr. Oz for fraudulent weight-loss "miracle" drugs


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And yet he’s still less of an asshole than Dr Phil.

But a very, very, very slim margin, and not enough to matter.

Another example of what I like to call “hopesploitation”.


Doctors Oz and Phil, Deepak Chopra. You wonder if Oprah is taking a cut from the giant frauds she unleashes on the world.


More crap unleashed by Oprah.


I saw him hawking homeopathic sugar pills as cure-alls. I’ve never trusted him since.


When the guy is pimping a completely different Miracle Natural Weight Loss product every six months and all the previous Miracle Natural Weight Loss products go down the memory hole, even his fans must be aware on some level that they don’t work.

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It used to be a much wider margin until it discovered green coffee beans.


Someone removed and banned me on Facebook because she kept trying to argue that Dr. Oz doesn’t make money from these products because he doesn’t actually sell them. It didn’t matter how I tried to explain to her the concept of advertising and product placement when it comes to TV and Talk Shows in particular, she still insisted that he doesn’t make money off of this stuff. Then she called me a bitch when I said point-blankly that she was wrong, and that this was common sense shit, and common and accepted knowledge, and of course he makes money off of this stuff.

The stupid… it burns.


The difference is almost, Homeopathic.


“My show is about hope.”

Sir, medicine is about proven, expected results.


Pay no attention to the quack behind the curtain.


This stuff causes real harm. My spouses coworker is diabetic, but heard on a Dr. Oz show (don’t know how accurate, but she tells it this way) that cinnamon can “help diabetes”. So she began to eat cinnamon on everything, and abandoned a sensible diabetic diet, and her medications because natural was better.

As someone that was a nurse for years, it is awful watching a human being do something so damned stupid. Yet, she was sure because he was on TV and was a doctor that his authority was absolute. She wasn’t a country bumpkin either. We’re talking a CPA in a position of authority.

Yep, and that’s why he should be sitting right where he is.

Honestly, he’s smart enough to know the responsibility that comes with having those two letters in front of his name (they even teach that in medical school). Add to that the validation presented, not only by having a TV show, but by having one sponsored by Oprah - and he ought to know better.

He could just as easily have spent his time explaining how there is “no one perfect diet” (like he did to the committee) to housewives. They’re the ones who really need to hear it. They need to hear “talk to your doctor” and “get regular exercise” not “here, take this!” Just how many of his viewers will bother to watch this clip?

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