Senator Lindsay Graham sick of the press calling Trump a "kook", an unusual word familiar to him


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But, but that was different. That was me saying it not the press. I’m a repugnant I mean republican. I can say anything and it doesn’t count like it does when those liberals, those democrats say it. That’s different.
Jesus fuckin Christ Lindsey honey, grow a pair for once.


No Lindsay, nobody needs to “label” tRump as unfit to be president. He proves it with his actions every fucking day. The media’s just reporting on what he says and does. No commentary necessary to show he’s a kook.

What a crybaby anyway. Obama spent the entirety of his presidency being called the antichrist by the likes of Graham. The republicans stated outright that their entire goal is to prevent the first black president from achieving anything.

You don’t get to cry foul when people call a stupid narcissist who’s unfit for the job the wrong person to have won the election. Not when you spent the last 10 years basically being head of Klan 3.0


Graham, you spineless piece of shit.


To be fair, David Bowie identified as a kook, and I doubt he would want to be associated with Trump.


Senator Graham, do you believe that you, your family, and your friends are immune to Trump’s upcoming nuclear holocaust? If so, you’re as much of a kook as he is.


Oh Huckleberry Closet Case - he’s never, ever going to respect you. No matter how bigly you debase yourself. Sad.


For the love of God, please stop photoshopping mouths as eyes. It stopped being clever during the 100 Years War and is now as irritating as the overuse of the word Adorable in headlines.


Have you considered… That it might be intentionally making you uncomfortable?

I don’t think it’s cute or meant to be trendy. I think it’s meant to make anyone who sees it, rather uncomfortable. And it seems to be working.


Kooks can make great artists. Politicians, not so much.

Which reminds me: lobby whoever is responsible for this sort of thing in your neck of the woods aggressively to provide regulations that art colleges must accept anyone who applies.
It’s much, much cheaper in the long run.


In addition to what @LDoBe said, criticism of Rob’s 'shoops only encourages him to redouble his efforts.

Welcome to BB.


Rob: “I am altering the photos so that eyes are mouths. Pray I do not alter them further.”


It can always get worse. Do not tempt the Photoshop.



That’s an adorable criticism! :wink:


He always has been. I lived in SC a couple decades ago as his star was rising. He’s only become a worse caricature of himself since then.

What is it with aristocratic southerners (men, specifically) who continue to long for the romantic idea of the “old south”? They all come off as really, well, lindsay graham-ish (not that there’s anything wrong with that).


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