Senator Orrin Hatch introduces medical marijuana research bill


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Yep - he’s definitely not running again.


Well that sounds like a step in the right direction.


Who’s his writer? Seth Rogen?


Strange days, indeed


Did he let out a giant puff of smoke at the end, that he had been holding in the whole time?


You know the US has taken a hard turn to the right when Orrin Hatch is supporting a left wing cause.


Seriously. Dude was instrumental in the DSHEA legislation that basically says patent-medicines and homeopathy can be sold alongside actual medicine as long as there’s a warning saying the FDA doesn’t regulate it.





I know that pet owls are a bad idea outside Hogwarts, but Orrin Hatch would be an adorable name for a tiny owl.

Welp, gotta go shake the CBD tinctures again.


I’m high right now.


I like his thinking; the US can pour a lot of resources into research that can benefit many people. Aside from that, Senator Hatch needs to see his doctor to be checked for brain issues before sparking up - his right pupil is noticeably more dilated than the left.


The guy is a life-long homeopathic practitioner.

He doesn’t believe in science based medicine. I have no idea why he’d actually encourage legitimate research. That’s never been a priority in the past for him.


Could it be that the legalization–at least at the state level–of marijuana has created a political funding movement? Since they can’t put their money in the bank, it seems that the next best thing to invest in is politics.


I am willing to bet you that it’s going to get a LOT stranger before long…


That happened to me the one time my mom busted me and a friend smoking weed in my room as a teenager. Thank god she was a hippy back in the day, we actually had a pretty nice chat, and then I went back to watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall with my buddy. :slight_smile:


A long time ago, I was at a school camp when a teacher burst into our room, just after one of my mates had taken the first toke from a spliff.

He dropped it on the floor, trod on it with his bare feet, and held in a lung full of smoke for about ten minutes before the teacher buggered off. Gritted teeth and very shallow breaths. :slight_smile:


Didn’t see it, but in high school, a rumor went around that someone “ghosted” a hit in the bathroom (swallowing the toke). Story went the guy burped later in class with a puff of smoke. The teacher asked him what it was and the guy said “really bad indigestion”.