Serial streaker crashed Olympic ice in a pink tutu and a monkey-faced codpiece


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monkey-faced codpiece

Good name for a band.


the pony-tailed dad-of-three

And that’s how a silly story turns sad.


He’s good, but he’s no Soy Bomb…


He doesn’t appear old enough to be the guy who streaked at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. (And that guy also didn’t wear no “monkey-faced-codpiece.”)


Wait, Professional streaker? I wasn’t aware Peace and Love were paying much these days… what’s his business model?


Somewhere in the distant future an alien planet will receive AM radio signals from 1974…


And what about that crasher of the US Olympic Team at the closing ceremonies?


Famous Mortimer explored the economics of streaking in Streakdome 97.


I was like

FTR, this thread:
Figure Skating faces
There’s a second one. It’s worth it.


the pony-tailed dad-of-three

New high bar for embarrassing dads.


And you thought your parents were embarrassing.

Streaking, something, something, profit! Look, it works for internet companies.


some say they’re the last refuge for monkey-faced codpieces


Too good for a band. Let’s slap it on Trump.


Metaphorically and, in some cases, also literally.


Advertising, obviously. He claims to have been paid $1M to streak the 2004 Super Bowl with the name of an online casino on his chest. Given the cost of Super Bowl advertising, and the way that particular casino was throwing around money on crazy promo stunts at the time, it’s believable.

He doesn’t always have a sponsor, though. He clearly gets a kick out of streaking for its own sake. And he claimed to have given it up a few years ago, having only recently relapsed, which would be another reason for no sponsor this time.


…in a pink tutu and a monkey-faced codpiece …

Isn’t this, by definition, not streaking?


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