Seven hospitalized at LG smartphone event with knives, BB guns


Am I reading this wrong? I think it was helium balloon themed, not gun and knife themed.

Edit: Headline changed, but it still paints LG as more negligent than they were.

C’mon, at least read the BBC article through before turning this into an anti-gun post.

In Korea, 100 LG G2 smartphone vouchers were released on helium ballons. Worth almost 100,000 dollars US, in promotional merchandise. Of course members of the public showed up armed with knives on sticks and BBguns injuring 20 , hospitalizing 7.

The headline is deceptive, for sure. Still, who the hell brings a knife or gun to a balloon fight?

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I’ve corrected the headline. Thank you.

Honestly though, what kind of idiot brings a knife to a BB gun balloon party?

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The same kind of person who brings pepper spray to a Black Friday sale, I’d wager.


What if they brought point-ed sticks?

Damn, it’s Monty Python day.

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Hey, it’s a million dollars worth of freebies up there. I’d bring a shotgun!

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.


Not anticipating the crowds’ creative enthusiasm (read: lust for smart phones) richly proved to be recipe for disaster.

One thing I didn’t understand is how people were getting sent to the hospital from having BBs fired into the air. Reading the article it sounds more like a mob trampling situation than weapon injuries.

What goes up must come down, generally at about the same speed at which it went up, minus a bit from air resistance. In this case, it was coming down onto a crowd of people with their faces turned to the sky.

Gifless or jifless?

Ralphie finally got a smartphone! Unfortunately he shot someone’s eye out in the process.

Terminal velocity of a bb is about 60mph (, which is nowhere near fast enough to break skin with such a tiny mass in a spherical package. I’m thinking there must have been some trampling or other such big crowd injuries. Unless they were admitting people to the hospital for tiny round bruises.

For reference, you need to get a bb up to about 100 mph before it stands a reasonable chance of penetrating skin.

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