SF peeps: Paint the town white with the 'Brides of March'


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/22/sf-peeps-paint-the-town-white.html


we’ve been doing this in Reno for at least a decade, too. can’t wait for this year’s. it’s my favorite costumed bar crawl/mayhem event.


I did this a few years ago in Vancouver. Awesome. One of the brides was a big burly guy in a wedding dress with a red fedora and a half-smoked cigar clamped in the corner of his mouth. :smiley:


burly, hairy guys make the BEST brides, it’s true. :grin:


You and I have different definitions of “soon.” It’s still January!


I :heart:️ SF! Forever.


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