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As discussed in How badly do streaming services rip off musicians? A chart, updated musicians don’t make much from their streams. As several people mentioned being in the music industry or making music as amateurs, I thought it could be nice to share the music we’ve been making with each other. Maybe some of us can even make a few cents.

My band, The Mieters make nederbeat: the Dutch version of the beat music of the early 60s. So, 60s inspired garage rock with lyrics in Dutch. Our latest EP contains 3 garage rock stompers and 1 instrumental surf track, and can be found on bandcamp and the main streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, etc).

So, where can we find your music?

How badly do streaming services rip off musicians? A chart, updated

Great sound, solid rhythm section!


Naaktstrand kinda reminded me of the summer holidays with my parents in Cadzand-Bad in the mid-1960ies to mid-1970ies.

Any gigs this year in the Limburg/Gelderland/Overijssel area?


Thanks! We’ve just one more gig, and that’s in Almere. After that we probably take a small break from performing gigs: 2 of the guys are becoming father in the next few months. We’re still planning to record a Christmas song though. Any pointers for cool venues are welcome!

We just recorded a video clip for Naaktstrand (nude beach for the non-dutch speaking people). It premiered today. Shot on the beach in Wijk aan Zee.


This one, next friday?
If so, I’m afraid I can’t make it due to a previous engagement.
Well, break a leg; and good luck to the soon-to-be dads!

As to the Christmas song: last year I was at the Afsluitdijk monument. It was a windy, overcast day, and on the pedestrian bridge there were four monks from Tibet in orange robes taking pictures of each other, having lots of fun. It had a surreal, but oddly gratifying vibe to it.
I could see a couple of guys dressed up in x-mas gear doing a song there.

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