Shark footage makes newsman vow off swimming in ocean


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Video has already been taken off line.


Found video here: Today Show host Karl Stefanovic’s hilarious response to video of terrifying shark


Calling Karl Stefanovic a newsman is pretty generous.


Karl Stefanovic is a bit far from a newsman.


Their expressions should be used as reaction shots for all news stories from now on, as long as there are news shows.

Just roll the source video, roll the reaction face, and cut to commercial.


When I was in 4th grade we used to have Record Day in music class, when we were allowed to bring a phonograph record from home for the teacher to play. One time we got the MAD “Mystery Record;” another day we got “Shaving Cream” (about which a parent complained). And then one day a kid brought in Blondie’s “One Way or Another.” I remember the music teacher making the same expression as this fellow. We didn’t make it more than a minute or so into the song before she shut it off. She then lectured us on spending our money wisely, not wasting it on garbage.


There is an increase of like 217% in annoying animated GIFs prominently featured in BoingBoing posts. It is a very alarming trend and I hope that we can correct it before it is too late.

It is probably too late.


More Peak GIF Angst.





God, this is probably a nightmare for people who hate gifs… I’m a shitty human being, aren’t I?


My music teacher hammered it home to us that there’s nothing new in music to piss off the Olds by playing us some of Bessie Smith’s racier numbers. He was pretty cool, was our music teacher (as an aside, I had an even more awesome Headmaster in primary school, who could be almost guaranteed to veer any bollocking which you were about to receive into an anecdote about how he ran away to sea when he was twelve. He had some amazing stories).


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