She's not sick, she's Scottish (terminal gingeritis?)

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Redheaded teen stopped by gate agent, told she was too pale to fly

Yet still, her less-than-tropical looking complexion prompted an Etihad Airways staff member to tell the 14-year-old girl that she was too pale to board her flight.

Wain, her parents and siblings were leaving Manchester, England (also not the home of the World’s Tannest People) for the sultry Maldives, when the gate agents expressed their concerns about Wain’s health.

Her parents insisted that she wasn’t sick, just Scottish, but the airline insisted on written proof that she was healthy enough to go on vacation. The family dragged Grace to an airport paramedic who reportedly looked her over and gave the girl a thumbs up to fly.

That wasn’t enough for Etihad employees, who said they needed a written letter from Grace’s doctor.

“Terminal” gingeritis?

I see what you did there :ok_hand:t2:

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