Shitsplosion injures 15

I recall the explosions, not the antibiotic part.


I am reminded of two septic tank pumping trucks that used to get around my home town.
When you drove up behind one you would see proudly emblazoned:

  • “We take shit from anyone”

    the other said:

  • “Some people call it shit - We call it bread and butter”

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According to Mother Jones the shitsplosions at hog farms are caused by foamy shit trapping the methane and hydrogen sulfide generated by the bacterial breakdown. They still don’t seem to know exactly why it’s happening though.

The antibiotic part I actually got backwards. As a stop-gap measure to keep their shit lagoons from exploding, farmers are now starting to treat their cesspools with antibiotics! Mind boggling. You’d think spraying the effluent down with some bleach might be a better option than simply making your antibiotics food for the bacteria. This measure can’t last very long. It probably doesn’t even work anymore, as that article seems to have been written a couple of years ago now.

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