Shoes made entirely of hot glue


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Where does Tabasco Sweet fit into the hack pantheon?

ETA: why do I feel an alignment chart coming on…


Protip: Wait until they cool before wearing!


It looks like one of those ‘shoes’ made of rawride for dogs


Anything worth doing is worth doing half-assed with a zip tie, tape and/or hot glue.


I would think that many of these kludges would be more comfortable with silicone instead of hot glue.


I can’t disagree more re: “We need to make #content out of these hacks.” We don’t. Please, god. No.

But please, please, please continue filming the hacks themselves. As stupid as hot glue shoes sounds, it might prove itself useful in some other execution.

The last thing we need are more may-mays.


I predict these will become popular under the Kanye Administration (2024-2036) as no other footwear will be availble to the Underclass.


My PC ran just fine.

He said while angrily devouring a lox baguel and muttering about a locked safe to himself


Hot glue shoes may not be just a hack as I suspect Steve Miller, Trump’s immigration führer, would be an eager customer.


Crocs. You’re talking about Crocs?


wait for it… hot glue, made entirely from hot glue


Has it aged well? No. But I think it still has value as an early entry in the bad hack oeuvre.


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