SHOTS FIRED inside U.S. Capitol, images show officers with weapons drawn

I think the history books are already full of the failures that lead to this. This is a direct through line from George Wallace and Richard Nixon.

For decades people who pointed out the trend were hushed up, and the steps over the line were waved away. For the sake healing and keeping the peace.

Like so much else that’s running around these days this ain’t new. I feel like I’ve thrown this link around so many times the last 4 years that I’m gonna use it up. But the warnings been out there for more than a half century.


Thanks Romney. “Insurrection Day” it is.

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Eh. That’s a shame, but only because I would prefer she had been kept from voting and participating in society through non-lethal means if possible. I won’t be shedding any tears over what the evidence would seem to indicate was a violent, seditious insurrectionist trying to either harm government representatives, sabotage a legitimate election, or both.

4 people died today. I hope it was worth it for them.


From Independence Day (the date, not the film) to Insurrection Day (the coup attempt). I’ll mark that in my calendar, almost a month after Pearl Harbor Day, another day of infamy.

6 January is also Christmas on the Orthodox calendar and Epiphany feast day for Western Christianity. Insurrection and Epiphany, – coincidence?

Yes. It’s the date for certifying the election, which is why Trump held the rally then.


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