Stephen Colbert: "Who could have seen this coming? Everyone?"

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tl;dr: Matthew Heimbach


Speaking of national treasures - Stephen Colbert. Love this guy.


I loved most of this…just wish he’d left out the part about the GOP doing better with voters in the next election cycle. Just when we think they’ve hit bottom with their voter surpression and gerrymandering tactics, they usually manage to reach a new low.


This. Because the only “lesson” they’ll claim to have learned is that elections can be stolen and more needs to be done to curtail the right to vote. Already Georgia Republicans are talking about rolling back legislation they passed in 2005 that gives all voters the right to vote absentee without excuse.

They won’t do better. They’ll keep doing the same old shit.


This is why we need national voting rights reform. Ever since certain states were freed of judicial oversight in 2013 they have been actively seeking ways to ensure White, Republican hegemony. This is why we can’t have nice things.


Is there a coordinated effort to identify all the people who were in the Capitol yesterday? I really enjoyed all the schaudenfreude of Charlottesville protesters being named and shamed, and this is … you know … like 10,000x worse.


Thanks for reminding me to go check out /r/byebyejob. There’s already a hefty helping of comeuppance to feast on, and I’m sure a lot more to come!


My favorite part of Fox/OANN coverage: when Tucker and Laura Ingraham somehow “figured out” that the actual violent trespassers were … [wait for it] … ANTIFA!

Yup, the trespassers chanting “Stop the Steal”, the trespassers with Trump 2020 banners and hats, the trespassers ransacking Democrat Speaker Pelosi’s office, were actually Democrat-Socialist liberals.

The reasoning? Well, “Trump supporters are non-violent.” Some of the trespassers were seen wearing black (you know, like Antifa). Therefore: Antifa!

Great detective work, don’t you think?

What’s crazy is that, as with all this batshit, it does not have to make sense. They just have to repeat it long enough and loud enough that, like all Trump and Republican lies, it becomes true. I have no doubt "Antifa false-flag attack on the Capitol" is, or will become, canon shortly.

EDIT: ok, we did not have to wait long:


I’m all for using the 25th Amendment (or any other legal means) to remove Trump but this isn’t the scenario the 25th Amendment was originally intended to address.

The 25th Amendment was enacted to provide an orderly transition of power if a President was incapacitated, such as in the event of a stroke. The intended Constitutional remedy for a corrupt and out-of-control President was always Impeachment and Removal. If the legislature was capable of doing its duty then we wouldn’t have to look to the 25th Amendment as an emergency stopgap.


Seth Meyers more directly hits the nail on the head:


The 25A can be implemented faster than removal by impeachment, but is temporary. Start with 25A and follow-up with impeachment and conviction.


Theoretically there’s nothing to prevent the legislature from getting it done within a matter of hours if they had any actual interest in doing so. They’re all in D.C. anyway. The reason that process usually takes so long is that there are usually a bunch of back-and-forth debates on the merits and evidence.


I’d have like to have seen this done last night instead of folksy tales. Everybody drops their black ball into a box and Pence (gulp) takes office. Every minute that passes weakens the ‘resolve’ of the nation to not tolerate this bullshit. And leaves T-Rump with tiny fingers to push the button, direct the military, and call martial law. This ain’t over until the fat man is unceremoniously dumped into a cell.


Impeachment could take hours. The senate trial, practically speaking, cannot. The accused has a right to representation in the trial phase.


Not a GD thing is going to happen to Trump or the Republican party. They’re too scared of the 30% of the country that’s truly deplorable. Talking head after talking head on the tv last night kept telling me how this was a watershed moment and things are going to change. NOT. Fox News isn’t going to change, therefore their voters won’t change and the party won’t change. If anything, the foul rhetoric is going to crank up even hotter over the next 2 years in the hopes that the R’s can regain their edge at the mid-term elections. And come 2024 don’t be surprised if somebody overtly racist gets the Republican nomination. Trump has proven you don’t need dog whistles. You can just flat out be racist.

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His interview with Amy Klobuchar is also worth a watch for his anger with Trump’s boot licking enablers and, to me, his frustration with Klobuchar for not committing to holding these arseholes to account.


The Repubs learned something with this insurrection. They learned that:

a) taking the capital is possible. If an unorganized mob can just march strait in, welcomed by the police who supposedly are there to protect against such an action, just imagine what an organized group with an actual plan of what to do once they get there might accomplish.

b) they need to try harder next time.

Watershed moment my ass. They are not going to change, and their party is going to continue in the direction it’s been going for as long as there are no consequences.