Watch GOP senators avoid question about Trump's gassing and grenading peaceful protestors

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“The GOP legislators. Doing fuck all since the dawn of time.”


I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: they’re cowards and opportunists, the lot of them.

The “I didn’t see it” response is particularly lame.


I would add…they are enablers. They are letting Nostradumbass do and say the things they have always wanted to. Let him be the bad guy and villain. they love every moment of this.


20 years from now…

When asked about their participation in government during President Trump’s tenure, GOP senators said:

“I didn’t really see it.”
“I don’t have any comment. Thank you.”
“I’m late for lunch.”
“I didn’t watch that closely enough to know what happened there.”


I’d really love to see a journalist who has politician duck out of questions like that should “COWARDS! History is watching and you will be JUDGED!” after them.

It would be a assignment-ender, but worth it.


That’s not fair and you know it. I read that Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski were cloistered today drafting a very sternly worded letter decrying the lack of civility from our national leaders and admitting that both parties have let the people down by using untoward rhetoric. Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney are all set to join the letter as soon as an addendum calling for a capital gains tax cut is drafted.

What more do you want? They’re only human!

ETA: Nevermind, Trump demanded that McConnell direct them to tear up the letter and and eat the pieces of paper while apologizing to a portrait of the President–they’ve since changed the substance of the letter to demanding that Pelosi and AOC resign and apologize for inflaming racial tensions


“I’m late for lunch.”

Be careful not to choke on it, you asshole.


Oh, there were protests? I didn’t know. I’ve just gotten REALLY into making sourdough lately…


No, the question should be “What are your comments about President Trump gassing and grenading religious leaders on church grounds?” They don’t care one whit about the protesters. Their responses would then prove they don’t care about religious freedom, either.
(Spoiler: They never did, but maybe the view of a senator rushing to lunch with a superimposed picture of people being attacked by police on holy ground will give pause to the two or three last “undecideds” in the country.)


Funny. I am a web developer for a financial firm. I always joke that I make spam emails and web content that people delete and ignore. So in other words…I don’t really feel my role is all that important to society.

I have never said “Can’t do it…late for lunch”. These assholes think their job as a legislator is a luxury. I want every GOP congress critter fucking OUT.


“Look, I can’t be expected to stay up to date with every single Presidential declaration that threatens to turn America into a fascist police state. I’m a Senator, not a… news-reading guy.”


That Meet the Press video is amazing. I’ve never seen so much quick walking from such fat ass losers.


As awful as this is, I do cherish seeing some of them looking so bedraggled. Sen. Roberts especially looks like he wants to lay down on a couch and cry. Or he’s learned to affect human emotion, anyway.



There was a new episode of Matlock on, so they were really busy.


I think they might give impromptu Grace Paley recitations

That’s possible, I said. But really, if you remember: first, my father was sick that Friday, then the children were born, then I had those Tuesday-night meetings, then the war began.Then we didn’t seem to know them any more. But you’re right.

-from Wants

p.s. Slightly off topic, but a link for those that haven’t read it


“Who, the President? I don’t know him at all. The American people? I don’t know them either.”

Vote them out. All of them.


Pathetic just got a new definition- GOP senators. What a bunch of weak willed feckless evil chickenshits.

“We haven’t seen these protests you speak of…
Meanwhile, its really important to do an investigation 4 years later of something slandering the current democratic nominee, from the past administration of the first black president, who hasn’t done anything wrong himself, but we’re sure his son has”

The only thing anymore that still suprises me with these lumps of flesh is how spineless they really are willing to be in the face of direct revolt


It could be that, unlike our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, he hasn’t figured out how to make money off of the protests yet.