Stephen Colbert: "Who could have seen this coming? Everyone?"

I really needed this. The insurrectionist apologia makes me feel absolutely beside myself. It really helps to see someone stating this plainly.

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Sure beer hall putsch to destroying the Weimar Republic in a few short years.

However all these people committed serious crimes and the political establishment around them did too. If they are given free rein to continue it could play out like that. If they get serious about white supremacist terrorism and turn FBI gaze at white American terrorists rather than what they are doing they could begin to change America. It’s a watershed decision facing the incoming regime.

It’s a tough task and their focus will of course be on the virus and the economy. But this has to happen. Just has to. No excuse is possible.

How the fuck can you allow people to turn up at a political event with guns? That’s not politics: that’s terrorism.


Okay, add link to Wikipedia, image. Text from September can stay the same. Did not see this coming, but Trump is Trump.

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