Should Cesar Millan be fed to pigs? So-called expert lets vicious dog rip pet porker's ear off

He keeps it locked away in his safe?


Not big on a literalist interpretation of “an eye for an eye” so no. But yeah this definitely a case where it should be taken very seriously.

I’m not very familiar with Cesar but from what I’ve heard his philosophy is deeply based on a thoroughly debunked conception of wolf behavior (said wolf behavior was observed in captivity without their packs but instead just random other wolves).

Hugely bad idea to treat dogs who are in their adopted pack like they’re in a really crappy captivity situation.

Combine that with the drama fomenting of reality show productions and it’s a recipe for disaster.

If I learned anything from Gravity Falls (I already knew about gnomes and friendship), it’s that pigs make the best pets.


“…pigs make the best pets.”

No, they do not.

My dog, as part of the ruckus he makes to wake me up in the morning, licks my face.
Now, imagine a pig doing this, with it’s almost-human tongue, and stiff, almost-human mouth…and almost-human eyes staring down at you inscrutably.



Only until he’s learned his lesson

It’s disappointing that the linked petition is a poorly-written hysterical rant about a pig being harmed, and doesn’t really address the bigger picture of Milan’s widely discredited methods and the harm he’s done to so many dogs and owners who have bought into his quackery.


The image that came to my mind, was to call the police on him, and they would perform ritual cannibalism. But I’m sure that’s just a nasty figure of speech, and not at all what you were insinuating…


I’m okay with it not being a ritual.

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Yeah, but see? Once a cop has tasted human blood, he’ll want more. There’s just no reforming them after that…


And when you realize that his fans are self-identified “alpha males” who base their thuggish attitudes on the same debunked concept of wolf behavior, their reactions toward criticism of Millan are basically par for the course. It’s one giant line of stupid, A to B to C.


They make good security staff at Trump rallies though.


Can’t you trap and relocate them?


If I learned anything from Snatch, “Never trust a man who keeps pigs.”


:laughing: Not sure where to start there. Particularly since I haven’t seen any of the at-least-two-movies with that name. I’m mostly a cat person though.

No kidding! That was supposed to be your inside voice.

Besides, it would probably make the pig sick.

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I’m told that there are cops who have not… as yet.

Caesar Milan is embedded in a world-view that is no longer compelling or persuadable to folks living in an increasingly global culture. Childhood pedagogy as well as dog-training in Germany during the 1920s and 30s was all about dominating children and dogs and making frequent use of corporal punishment. When Hitler became dictator, the people followed him gladly because of the Father Knows Best, authoritarian and obedience-based dynamic.

Hitler used to brag that when he was severely beaten by his grandfather, he steeled himself not to feel the violence nor cry out against it. As a result, he had no empathy for himself or for others.

We don’t stand for hitting or abusing animals or wives caught up in a domestic violence situation. But it is our children, especially, who are still considered as targets. When we are hit, disrespected or treated unfairly as children we tend to treat others in our lives the same way. And more likely than not, we tend to treat our pets the same way.


There is a lot of hype and unsupported argument going on around here. And also misrepresentation of Milan’s methods.

If one does a quick search for info backing up the claim that Milan’s methods are “wildly discredited” you find a bunch of websites that don’t have any authority or all reference the same article.

So let’s keep our heads on. I need to see some evidence.


I’m getting a little confused. It’s the cops who have ore have not tasted human blood that make good security at Drumpf rallies?

You could ask the catholic church how well that’s worked with their problem officials. It seems to settle things down just fine… for a while…

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