Shut in sounds: Crowded House perform "Don't Dream It's Over" from isolation

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Picturing Molly Ringwald Dancing during a Captain Tripps Epidemic


Can we have Weather With You next?


The song is basically about Melbourne weather and we are getting a full shot of it right now.

I was hoping for Into Temptation.


So, does this mean that Liam and Elroy are full-fledged members of Crowded House now?

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Music trivia…

The park at the end of the Don’t Dream It’s Over video:

…is Moore Park, next door to my old high school (SBHS). We used to have to sprint up and down that hill (Mt Steele) for rugby training.

It’s also where I finished the celebration of my 20th birthday:


That was the evening after; we began at a goth club (Nocturne, at Club 77) the night before, watched the sunrise from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair after the clubs closed, rampaged around Centennial Park during the day and eventually collapsed on Mt Steele.


That’s a good 'un, but I’d prefer something earlier:


meh, it’s not really Crowded House without Paul Hester :cry:


from the video description on YouTube:
“We recorded it over a few hours between continents day before yesterday. It was for the “Music From The Front Line” benefit concert in Australia / NZ. I really like the way it sounds and the process of flying tapes back and forth was fun… pure and simple…”

Flying tapes back and forth? Is this 1987? or am I confused? or both?

Nice. Never understood why the ones that became hits became hits. This was always my CH song.


When this song was released in 1986, there were three Crowded House.

34 years later, based on this video, there are now five.

That’s an annualized rate of return of 1.56% Crowded House per year, which is well below the expected New Zealand rate of inflation yielding 8.01 Crowded House.

Despite this delightful performance, Crowded House has underperformed the market.


That was some good shit.

SK-1 in the hoooouse

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Gonna throw Sally Seltmann’s (aka New Buffalo) Laurie Anderson-ish cover of “Four Seasons in One Day” out there, cos it’s delightful.

This is how old arguments about whether Crowdeds House should actually be measured using the Australian rate of return get restarted.


Thank you - that is truly beautiful.

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Well, this is just lovely. Made my morning, thanks for sharing.

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Some earlier Finn brother joy with suitably silly vid.


I was never a big Split Enz fan when they were around. Fell in love with
Crowded House back in '87 when my sister got us tickets to see them at the North Park Theatre in Buffalo just as Don’t Dream It’s Over was getting big. Probably not more then 100 people there and they put on an amazing show. Very intimate with the audience, at one point even inviting someone there to come on stage to sing a song with them. One of my favorite shows ever.

I’ve always been a fan of Better Be Home Soon, which Neil and the boys did here:

Oh, and I like Split Enz much more now…


Aww, Paul Hester was a gem! Great drummer with a cheeky personality. He enjoyed stripping down naked at live shows, which I was fortunate enough to see on the Woodface tour. :slight_smile:


While I seem to recall he kept his clothes on when we saw him, they opened up with this:

Which is basically the exact same way they performed it for us, and I thought it was totally cool when he started using the brushes on the guitar…

Yeah sure. Why not? In BBC Radio News where I work we refer to bits of audio in the playout system as “tapes.” Of course they’re digital audio files and haven’t been tapes since I was a youngster, but it’s easier to ask “Is that going to be live, or on tape?” or “WHY ISN’T THE NEXT TAPE READY???” than any digital alternative.

We never have to explain this to new people joining the team - it’s just a bit of heritage that’s remained in our vernacular.