Side-by-side videos of Sen. Mike Lee show him loving and hating Medicare and Social Security

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oh for the media interview which starts “Ah Senator Klagghorne! Which quantum state are we collapsed upon today? The one fully against X or the one who’s all in favor of X?” (“Well both actually Kent, i’m in favor of X on even numbered days, but today i’ll answer your question by raising an unrelated topic which i’ll insist is part of my answer” “Well ok, my producer is telling me I should nod vacantly at that, so proceed…”)


another republican hypocrite??

what i don’t get is that their base only hears the rhetoric they agree with, while screaming that democrats are flip-flopper waffles.


It’s amazing how the whole Republican political process is to vociferously take wildly unpopular positions to appeal to a sliver of their own base, then vociferously deny they hold those positions at the same time, and hope Republican voters don’t notice. (And then, if they manage to get their wildly unpopular positions turned into law, blame the Democrats for the outcomes.) What’s even more amazing is their own voters don’t seem to notice. They’re so low-information, they just assume their candidates hold whatever beliefs they want them to hold. You simply don’t have a democracy under these conditions.


R politicians just whip out “woke”, “groomer”, “CRT”…and their numbskull supporters’ brains automatically purge everything else.


Yeah, the culture war stuff has always (for the modern version of the party) been the big distraction from actual Republican policies, and they’re leaning ever-harder into it as they become more extreme.


They don’t care if their base notices the outrage. It’s just them owning the libtards!


Of course “nodding vacantly” is often due to the fact that interviewers sometimes only have one camera. So they shoot the interviewee, and then shoot the interviewer asking the questions and nodding vacantly after the interview is over.

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