Trump's weirdest lie yet: "The Democrat plan would obliterate Obamacare"


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Trump and multiple GOP members have also been saying for weeks that they’re going to pass a law to ensure coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Despite 10 years of trying to repeal a law that already protects those with pre-existing conditions.

They’ve been effectively attacking the DNC by claiming they support GOP platform positions for over a month now. I’ve heard a ton of radio ads for the NY Tri-State Area claiming Democratic Candidates want to cut Social Security, repeal Medicare, and cut taxes on the rich.

It’s bizarre and it’s not just Trump. It seems to be the GOPs official last minute tack. With Trump’s being the racism.




With Trump, every day is opposite opposite opposite opposite opposite day.


Another closed loop of gibberish.


God I hate how desperate I am for this election to do something. I’m encouraged by the fact that when I went on the first day of early voting the lines were super long in the late morning…




And his wife; Morgan Fairchild.


Yeah! That’s the ticket!


“They will OBLITERATE Obamacare, but LEAVE the bad parts behind.”


Voted this morning. Same time as last time an hour after polls opened. More people than last time. But a higher proportion of them were over 70…

It is the first time I’ve voted in this district where Democrats contested every single seat. I’m used to doing write ins for at least a third of the ballot entries. And more than half those candidates were women. Particularly the Judicial and State races.


The federal Republican party is completely amoral, without any principle other than personal enrichment.

The only reason they have never tried this outright-lie strategy before is because it was generally accepted wisdom that stone-cold lies on topics that are easy to fact check was a bad political strategy. They watched Trump get elected and said, “Hunh, I guess straight up lying does work.” So now they’ll do it. It doesn’t surprise me at all that their new political strategy is “Up is down”.


Trump has a blindly loyal base of supporters who would follow him over a cliff. They will all be voting today. Please vote and encourage everyone that you know to vote.


If single-payer = obliterate, then obliterate away!


Blue is on the opposite side of the color wheel from Orange JUST SAYING


trump bringing lying to new levels


If only it were true that the Democrats are bringing “full on socialism”… if only.


What’s actually irritating about this is the other lies in that 25 second clip make no sense in relation to this lie about the ACA. I mean, seriously he’s been saying the Democrats are going to have a socialist takeover that will raise taxes and cut funding to the government for a while now and it still doesn’t have any rhyme or reason to it.


This makes perfect sense. After all, we Democrats believe in destroying all good things, and leaving only the bad. When we get done, those Republicans won’t even be allowed to have puppies! Bwaahaha!


“I support all the things you like, even the things I swore to destroy. And the Democrats hate all the things you like, even the things they are responsible for creating in the first place.”