Trump's weirdest lie yet: "The Democrat plan would obliterate Obamacare"

They were doing plenty of straight up lying before that. They have an entire TV network dedicated to it. But shit like this borders on absurdity.


This is hilarious for multiple reasons. Clearly he meant to repeat the Republican talking point and say “Medicare,” which is hilarious absurd as it is - “The Democrats are going to socialize medicine… and get rid of socialized medical programs!” But Trump being Trump, he can never admit he made a mistake, so we get his weird attempt at correction that just makes him more absurd.



There are some people who are stupid enough to believe it.

Honestly I feel we should simply ignore him when he lies and only report on him when he speaks the truth. That should cut down on the relentless coverage significantly.


His fire-and-brimstone lies are getting bizarrely desperate. My other favorite was yesterday’s proclamation by Trump, and then Rush Limbaugh, that “Hillary worked with the Russians to rig the 2016 election!”. That’s right folks – she’s so devious she rigged the election to lose. Diabolical!!


So the politics of this republic and fallen to “I know you are but what am I!” Or possibly “I"m rubber and you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.”

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It’s He’s a huge ass.



Needs more Angry Machine.


That’s been the response on the Russian issue since minute one. That things are rigged, Hillary did it, Dems and Russia, the investigation is the real scandal. It’s just getting less coherent.

Basically just muddling all the details together into a single, far easier to dispute accusation.


The Onion nails it. I have seen right wingers literally say things like, “Obama spent 8 years trying to DESTROY this country”. Not hyperbole either, they really mean it literally somehow.


That one is not even new. Just lost among the flurry of other crap at the time.

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The sad truth is he needs an awful lot of willfully ignorant people in Amerika for his obvious and easily fact-checked lies to take hold. Unfortunately, there are a hell of a lot of willfully ignorant people in Amerika.


Can someone who has artistic abilities please do a drawing of Trump as the Pied Piper Of Hamblyn leading his adoring followers into oblivion.
Thank you.


The Democratic long-game is finally working! Bend to Republicans and co-opt their plans so that they are forced to reject them as libtard policy, then when repeal efforts fail the Republicans will eventually reclaim them, saying the Democrats are the ones trying to take them away. Bing, bang, boom, who knew the legislative machine was designed by Rube Goldberg…


It’s like a weird mishmash of falsehoods that get mixed together in different combinations:
• Hillary Was The Real Colluder
• Her Emails
• The Democrats Rigged Something
• The Investigation Is Bad
• Fake News / The Media Is Evil

Half of all of Trump’s speeches have some combination of these words. I’m not sure how anyone would think “my opponent made me win so let’s send them to jail” is a coherent statement.


I had to check to see whether that article was from the Onion or Fox News.

And the photoshopped Barak Zombama is still less scary than Trump.


So long as he’s accusing Hillary of something it doesn’t matter.

You could be going on about how Hillary has a secret, Illegal moon base. All these people want to hear is that Liberals and minorities are bad and need to be fought.


I feel my world view changing, I’m starting to almost believe in this president. I think he if he would just wear full plate mail gold cosplay body armour and ride a cgi fire breathing dragon during his speeches I would be all in and believe anything he said.

caveat: if he does I take back everything I just said.

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IME, most people don’t actually, consciously aim for reflective coherence among the things they say they believe, and are perfectly comfortable uttering direct contradictions in fairly rapid succession as both being factual. It’s most apparent to me when I encounter hardcore conspiracy theorists, but really, it’s everywhere, just more subtle. Most people don’t even think it’s a problem when explicitly pointed out to them.

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