Trump's weirdest lie yet: "The Democrat plan would obliterate Obamacare"


I wonder how many of the people there were even paying close attention to his words. I think they were really just basking in the aroma of his ego and waiting for catch phrases they could cheer to. So much of what he says is just confusing gibberish, so that little bit of dada just gets lost in the spew.


It would be like a GWAR show but without the costumes, camp and fun but, with much more blood, puss, entrails and sacrificial agency heads.


I am sorry that the people you know are all constantly lying to you.
Personally, I aim for reflective coherence and don’t tend to utter contradictions when I speak. Maybe I’m weird that way.


I think you and I both are. I think it is related to, but not identical to, intelligence and education more generally.

Mostly, these aren’t people lying to me, I don’t knowingly associate with people who lie often and can usually avoid doing so. It’s more people who genuinely don’t realize that that is what they’re doing, or understand why it is a bad thing.


That actually would explain why those same people get so angry at CNN, et al, for highlighting video of Drumpf lying and being racist. It never registered with them, so when the media play it back, it feels like it’s fake. They are the ones living in the Caverns of Socrates, but when they are shown reality, it seems fictional.


I thought the same and I am pretty certain thats the only possible explanation why he gets away with it. makes total sense.


Well if they keep saying it then I guess the only thing to do is make it true red blue.


Often, I’ve see him throw out new Dem insults and the crowd doesn’t seem to be listening. He’ll have to repeat the zinger and wave his hands around so they know to applaud. I get the feeling it really is just pure spectacle for them.


I voted a few hours ago and this was the first time that i had to wait any significant amount of time. Also i overheard many people* getting instructions on how to use the voting machines. High turnout and new voters: i am hopeful.

* For reference, i live in a district locally dominated by college students, but many of the people receiving instructions were in their 30s.


Yeah my district less hopeful. Many of those over 70 voters were also receiving instructions. Not because they hadn’t voted before. But because electronics confused them and they couldn’t seem to read our exceptionally clear paper ballots.

Mean age of the population here is something like 54, rural tourist town in the NYC area. Something like 4k year round residents. So expensive here that young people can’t afford to stick around. And noone can afford to move here till they’re over 40. And there isn’t much beside service and construction jobs if you wind up stuck.

Apparently the most consistently GOP district in New York State.


I don’t really care if Trump supporters “follow him over a cliff.” I just wish they wouldn’t try to take the rest of us with them.


This sounds like a field trip that should’ve been organized sometime early in 2016.


“Wierdest lie?” That is an impossibly high bar, with too many candidates to count. But yeah, this is pretty fucking strange.


Shame there’s nothing funny about it: the truth is that for Republicans, killing Obamacare (and Medicare more generally) remains the first order of business.

I would actually argue that Medicaid is FIRST on their target list. After all most of them hope to get old (if they aren’t already) but they all believe that they will never be poor. Because poor people obviously must have done something to DESERVE to suffer. And if THEY can’t benefit from it, than obviously the government shouldn’t be doing it.


If you’ll forgive the analogy*, I feel it’s more like a cheerleader who isn’t really that into it but who nonetheless does sexual favours for the quarterback. They aren’t necessarily getting anything out of it at all, but they know that their guy really needs this to help him relax. It’s for the team!

So I don’t really think it matters much what he says, but it obvious that the crowds are getting a little worn out and are becoming less and less enthusiastic.

* The fact that this analogy comes to mind says something about my upbringing. I think my southern Ontarian 1980s-90s culture normalized the idea that women see sex as a chore (that is, not abuse, not enjoyable, just a dumb thing they’ve got to do for men).


This is already a done deal in some places. In VA they finally expended Medicaid, but did not increase funding. As a pediatrician, i can tell you that we don’t accept Medicaid simply because they would have to double reimbursement for me to make nothing. I will happily see those patients for free, but I cannot pay for the privilege. It conforms with their philosophy of “starving the beast.”


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