That sound you hear is 'Republican talking points disintegrating'

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This idea that Republican talking points are capable of disintegrating in the face of contrary facts is interesting. It seems to be premised on (1) a belief that these talking points were formulated with any concern regarding facts in the first place, and (2) that the GOP and its spokespeople will somehow gain a sense of shame that has been heretofore absent.




The GOP would have us believe we shouldn’t trust Vindman, a decorated US army officer, because he was born in Ukraine and only moved to the US when he was a toddler.

Instead we should trust a Ukrainian prosecutor who was fired because the consensus in the US and EU was that he was corrupt.


Perhaps instead of KnowNothings they should be referred to as BelieveNothings


Americans have already made up their mind regarding impeachment.

And 83% of Republicans are less likely to support impeachment based on the testimony so far. So what sounds like an incoherent defense of the indefensible from House Republicans to you is actually working effectively on the Republican base.

It’s all pretty much a forgone conclusion. House Democrats will impeach, Senate Republicans will toss out the case, and an emboldened Trump will ramp up his crimes.


Is it weird that Republicans are just an acid tab and a long hairdo away from “don’t trust the man!” hippies at this point?


Right. The tone and posture of right wing media largely hasn’t changed.

It remains smug and self righteous.

And we know why. As long as they can keep the opinion of their voters disfavorable (or at least apathetic) to impeachment, then they do not risk getting voted out of office. And they don’t have to shoot their base of power in the face.


And the cult followers keep lapping it all up…
I have a friend who kept saying how this impeachment is just getting in the way of getting things done in DC and is a waste of taxpayer money. She’s right in a sense, considering she supposedly listened to a lot of the testimony and has not been swayed and the Senate won’t act even if trump up and admits to all EVERYTHING.


And all this talk about how the Trump administration gave them Da Big Gunz! just makes their blackmail/bribery crime more offensive. ‘Here is the means to defend yourself better against Russia. But first you need to do me a favor: dig up or make up some dirt on my opponent in the 2020 general election. Or no missiles. Actually EVERY aid to you is now on the table. Start digging or fabricating.’

The extra dollop of shit on top? The Javelin anti-tank weapons MUST BE stored in the western part of Ukraine and are NOT to be used against the Russians. So only if they overrun Kyiv and are headed for the Fulda Gap. Got it.


Good. The less this administration and the Senate can get done, the safer we all are.


Well, horseshit does disintegrate easily. The problem is, it’s still horseshit, and it doesn’t stop it from being spread all over the place.


This only happens in the world of reality, not within the bubble world of adamant believers.

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It boggles the mind, it does…


you do realize that poll shows 35% are still persuadable? while 65% aren’t going to change their minds, there are still 35% who haven’t come to an inescapable conclusion one way or the other.

i’m shocked that it’s that high.


And there’s never any shortage of fresh supply when you put a horse’s ass in office.


You know who doesn’t make political strategy based upon opinion polls? The Republicans. They simply move opinion.

Exactly like the Democrats did when investigating Nixon. The investigation changed public opinion, and House Republicans, who everybody thought would never support articles of impeachment, came around as well.

Democrats would be wise to end their thirty year record of following opinion polls and instead should develop some bedrock principals and stand by them. This is the only thrilling thing about a few folks in the Democratic Party of late - people like AOC etc drawing lines in the sand.


That’s what leadership is about. Sure you have to listen to folks, but at the end of the day, do things that are morally and scientifically right. Too many shitheads in government do things that are exactly the opposite (e.g., “family” values, creationism).


Except it’s Adderall and spray-on hair.


Not correct in the slightest. There are literally dozens of bills that have passed the House that McConnell won’t even put to the floor or send to committee in the Senate. Which begs the question, what is the Senate doing (instead of their job?)