The coup is occurring

These leaks represent a rogue IC that is doing this because they feel they have to force the American public and by extension our Representatives, because the Reps themselves are REFUSING to uphold their oaths to protect the U.S. Constitution. We are in utterly uncharted waters, and the coming two weeks are going to be monumental. PLEASE call your Reps, fellow Americans. DEMAND IMPEACHMENT NOW. The Dems aren’t even using the word in public, other than Maxine Waters, bless her soul. THEY ALL SHOULD BE.


The T in tRump stands for “Treason”.


Without a majority of Democrats in the House, and Republicans holding up a united front as long as Trump’s presidency continues to line their pockets, I don’t see impeachment as any more than a shitty pipe dream at this time.

Maybe in 2018 we will have a chance


There is only a certain amount they can take before they have to turn on him. You think they believe in loyalty?


What’s in it for them? They are empowered like never before to do just about whatever they want. Why would they want to get off the gravy train? In 2018 we may even end up with a filibuster-proof Senate.


There has to be a point at which empowering someone with so many links to Russia kills the party in the long run, surely?

I guess they don’t care about that. Make hay while the sun shines, maybe they’ll get even more agressive the closer Trump gets to falling?


Reelection, or before long, lots of more people on the streets.

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Only if they care about majority opinion, which they obviously don’t.

They’ve already got minority rule in place; they’re planning on making it permanent and unassailable by democratic means. The ranting about “millions of illegal votes” isn’t just Trump having a deluded tantrum.


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