U.S. Senators seek answers on Russia-Trump links, and his spying accusation against Obama


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Lindsey Graham looks like he might be preparing to be “the man.”


The only Republican even remotely likely to display a backbone


McCain likes to display his, though it’s unclear whether it’s load-bearing.


It’s just a tramp-stamp in the design of a backbone


Holy shit, Whitehouse wields a line of specific questioning like a scalpel. Simple words, direct logic, no trickery, and getting the respondent to reaffirm and reiterate important points. Building a house brick by brick.


It’s just a dodge. He’ll make noise & back away. Like always.

hey - remember - the village always calls it bi-partisan whenever Graham & McCain lead something. Where’s the Democrat in that equation?




“What, you’re still on the wiretap thing? Way to blow a simple comment out of proportion.”

—The first President to publicly accuse his predecessor of committing a felony against him


Good question. Dems are on vacation. As a constituent I haven’t heard a peep from my reps since right after the election. And T. Kaine is one of them.



Submitted for your approval.


He’s practicing on Rand Paul…

“So I repeat again, the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.”


Lending credence to the theory that the Republicans don’t much like Trump any more than the Dems and the first time they think they can push through impeachment and get a predictably party-line guy into power, they will.

I think this will end up all over Pence, too. So it could be Paul Ryan who takes the helm.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman David Nunes (R-Calif.), one of Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters on Capitol Hill, said on March 5 he would take the conspiracy theory seriously and “make inquiries” into the allegations




It seems like it’s been beginning for months already. We need this embiggened immediately!




About damn time.


God Help Us All, it has come to this