Trump feels the heat as Sally Yates testifies on Mike Flynn as Russia blackmail risk


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tRump & his Nazi / KKK / TGOP friends shit themselves today, and it’s just the start of what’s to come.


The level of BS questioning by the GOP senators was amazing.

Write your representative & senators and ask for an Independent Commission:


They must also have a heck of a file on Carter “Gazprom” Page. Flynn may be “compromised,” but Page is an owned-and-operated subsidiary of the Russian energy industry and its largest individual shareholder.


“If she’s so wonderful, why did I fire her?”




Watching that exchange between Yates and Ted Cruz discussing Constitutional law was like watching a schoolyard bully pick a fight with Muhammad Ali.


Does anyone think Trump & Co believed that the Russian connections wouldn’t be discovered?

My darkly cynical side thinks they knew they would be discovered eventually but had a plan to pass tons of legislation by the time we caught on to their schemes.


Does anyone think Trump CARES if they are discovered?


Maybe not, because he’s an idiot who’s out of his depth and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

That doesn’t mean it won’t matter.


It might move up the timetable for the ‘Reichstag Fire’ event, but probably not by much at this point.


They don’t need to stage a disaster to consolidate power. Bad stuff happens under every administration. All they have to do is exploit it, as W. did post 9/11.


Of course, this lot is far less competent than Bush and the assholes he had gathered around him. If there is some kind of a big disaster, their response will be incompetent and incoherent and generally fucked up, but so will be any attempt to consolidate power, too.


She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.


10 words I never expected to be uttered in my lifetime…


Saw this today, a friend of mine on FB liked it, so it showed up on my feed, whaddya think?

“The Uniparty HAS to keep US faith in their very much compromised system. Its better for them to use a boogieman than to admit they orchestrated the leaks from within and the winners are predisposed.
1 - The Clintons & Trumps are friends.
2 - She sent memos telling the DNC & media to promote him.
3 - The DNC & her staff traded emails on how to thwart Sanders & promote her.
4 - Every intelligence agency said it was a leak not a hack.
Kabuki theater, folks. I know you want to believe in Dem-innocence; I know it is easier to blame Russia than yourself and your blinders. But this is what keeps us under totalitarian control.”


I know a few Washington insiders, and there’s no way. The problem with that broad of a conspiracy is that there are ALWAYS leaks.

The unfortunate truth is that the US has a two-party system that has reached a point (for quite some time now) where the two parties hate each other so much that they act against each other in every petty way possible, to the detriment of the country.

Just as Washington predicted over 200 years ago.


Mike Flynn is a reverse false flag by the Obama globalists! Wake up sheeple?


My problem with conspiracy theorists is that they remind me of zealous religious folk who want to force one to believe in something that hasn’t been proven to one’s satisfaction.

I’m just trying to imagine these folks getting together to order lunch…