Simon Gallup has quit The Cure (again)

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Wait, The Cure was still a thing???


"With a slightly heavy heart, again, againing again…


After a commenter inquired about his health, Gallup responded: “I’m ok… just got fed up of betrayal.”

After a long hard day of betrayal, at least he can go home, put on a Cure album and esca- oh… oh, no…


I have to admit, this was my immediate reaction, too. As far as “Simon leaving the band” goes… it’s not really distressing, but I do love Simon. He was always my favorite, the band member that I idolized and wanted to be.

I hope he goes on to do new things.

Maybe it’s time for Michael Dempsey to come back?

It’s hard to believe that their last album was released in 2008 (4:13 Dream}. I thought it was a solid album and sure didn’t think that it may have been their last.

Like all relationships, they’re dynamic and as long as everyone involved is willing to give the music a chance they don’t have to necessarily like each other. Just look at The Who, and Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend have had a tumultuous relationship but some great music was still produced.

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