Sir Mix-a-Lot might have the greatest Funko Pop


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Also, obligatory…

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Any time there’s a topic about Funko Pop!, this exact comment is always made by someone. :man_shrugging:

Bottom line is people like them. They are inexpensive, unpretentious, (usually) easy to buy, and they have a figure for just about anything you can think of. They are also always making more.

The aesthetic may not be for everybody, but it is what it is and I don’t see it changing any time soon. (Funko also has other lines of figurines with much different design language if you aren’t into the blocky and exaggerated Pop! style.)


The “chase” variants can definitely be expensive if you seek them out from a specialty shop (versus lucking into finding one in the wild), but even then for a current line I haven’t seen those go for more than like $30-40. (Basically 2-3x the cost of a regular one.)

There are a few other rare variants or exclusives that can be quite pricey as well but generally these cater to the hardcore collectors anyway.

As an aside, for anybody that’s in the Seattle area (or planning to visit), if you like Funko stuff it’s well worth it to go to the flagship headquarters store in Everett. In addition to the current season stuff, they also often have a lot of new old stock, rare variants, exclusives, and other hard to find figures. It’s a huge space with an unbelievable breadth of inventory. You can easily spend an hour or two just browsing.


It’s probably the exact comment because the “someone” is usually me, so… guilty as charged. I do have a positive thing to say about them to make up for it, though. They make great gifts or barter material when interacting with people who do like them. It’s always nice to be able to get rid of something I don’t want in a way that makes someone else actually happy and excited to receive it.

And this Mothman one is honestly pretty cute.

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Too true!

It’s rather irksome that no matter what the topic is when it comes to pop culture lately, there’s always somebody going all Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy on it, as if the universe is ‘supposed to’ revolve around their own personal preferences.


I hear you. I’m as guilty as anybody for wading into topics on message boards about things I’m not interested in to make remarks saying how I’m not interested in that topic, but I feel like I’ve long since grown out of that. If something doesn’t interest me I just don’t have the time or energy to spend trying to lift myself up by shitting on someone else’s enjoyment of that thing — and really, what good does it accomplish?


That part.

It’s a needless waste of my own ‘chi’, which I now know is finite.


Before this joint closes, a couple more cool ones from the Funko Rock Candy line:


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