Sisters of Mercy's "Floodland" getting the special vinyl box set treatment


How did you think we all knew so damned much about the 80’s and 90’s? We friggin’ lived it!

@Missy_Pants: Saw 'em on the same tour, can concur with said gif.


So. Much. Smoke. Machine. Smoke! It was hilarious. 1/2 the time we couldn’t even see them at all. Eldtrich stood with his foot on on a smoke machine that was pointed at the audience! Ah, good times! :wink:


Their official website* states is that it (he?) was a Boss DR-55, Roland TR606, TR808, TR909, Oberheim DMX, Yamaha RX5, Akai S900, S1000, and S3200 in that order.

*Not that you should necessarily take that as gospel.

Its just one of those things I read in an interview ages ago that stuck in my head simply because “oh! I’ve got one of those too”.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the 12" mixes used a 909 and some later things used the Akai samplers (I only ever owned the keyboard version of the S700). I’d be quite surprised if the DR-55 was used, maybe just for a few sounds, same for the 606. Those machines weren’t loved and for good reasons.

Some of their really early stuff, maybe?:

Incidentally, I have a (moderately modified) 606 and like it a lot.

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not a DR-55 kick and snare are all wrong, same for the TR-606 I think. Cant be an RX-5 as those didnt exist at the time of that record.

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