Sisters of Mercy's "Floodland" getting the special vinyl box set treatment


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Meat Loaf producer Jim Steinman brought his orchestral magic to a couple Floodland tracks, including “This Corrosion,”

Which explains why I love it so goddamn much.


I saw them in concert back in 1991-ish?
Pretty much exactly that .gif


I was driving across the Yorkshire Wolds on Saturday evening with Floodland blasting out of the speakers. Bloody fantastic album.

Mother Russia,
Mother Russia,
Mother Russia,
Rain down DOWN DOWN!


I believe Andrew Eldritch still rejects the Goth label.

Apart from the fact that we’re not very spiritually-minded and only ever use the idioms ironically (when we use them at all), it’s disappointing that so many people have in all seriousness adopted just one of our many one-week-of-stupid-clothes benders, just like it’s currently disappointing that the rest of the nation is in all seriousness wearing those crappy seventies clothes that we wore for a week in '84 because we’d taken enough medication to find it funny. Well, okay, we wore crappy seventies shirts for more than a week, but that’s because we kept taking the medication. And it really was funny.



“First and Last and Always” was given the same treatment recently.

The band’s current guitarist apparently described that release as “the record company bumming you once again”.


Sadly, I can’t remember where I read this, but apparently Patricia Morrison contributed nil to this album.


First rule of goth; deny being goth.


I don’t care what he says the ungrateful shit, its goth music because they are the ones who bought his albums…

I was kinda punkoid back then and me and my mates loved it!

Still do! However I’ll be fucked if I’m buying the bloody thing Again!



Ah, but Floodland is qualitatively and quantitatively better IMHO. Different band, different proposition, different world. It mostly went to crap afterwards, but for that glorious shining time we had a solid silver juggernaut of high bombast in the charts, pulsing and kicking and Byronesque and magnificent.


Great, but I’d much rather buy a new album… Yeah, yeah, I know, they don’t wanna.


second rule of goth: DENY BEING GOTH
third rule of goth: if this is your first time being goth you’ve gotta drink some blood.


Mmmmm all warm and tomatoey…

Truth tho, “Goth” became a thing when I hit my 20s, and myself and my friends were all “don’t call us that, what the hell is Hot Topic, no we’re not like them, OMG what is happening!?”

Honestly, I blame White Wolf publishing Vampire the Masquerade. Suddenly in the early 90s all the alternative clubs and bars saw a massive influx of people pretending to be vampires and larping in our damn bars!


@SheiffFatman I think he’s mellowed a little toward that in recent years, but yeah, this still basically holds true.

I would take First and Last and Always (the non-remastered version, of course) over even Floodland, but this is a damn fine thing to wake up to in any case.

And that’s Doktor Avalanche, thank you very much, who when I saw them in 2012 appeared to be a trio of MacBooks…


If I was the right age for Sisters of Mercy then you guys… My god you’re old.

They were fun silliness.
A bit of Nick Cave and Birthday Party. Some You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath.
Great days.



“What’s the first rule of Goth?”


I think it’s that kind of sentiment that gives credence to Eldritch’s insistence that the Sisters weren’t Goth. Gothness generally comes across as imbued with the self-seriousness of teenage angst, while Eldritch often gives the impression that the Sisters were not a million miles removed from Spinal Tap.

Cf. the Sisters’ cover of “Joelene”.


I liked this album way back when but when I revisited it a year or two ago it no longer worked for me. Just so I don’t make this post a complaint I’ll add the factoid that Doctor Avalanche was a Roland TR-707. I still have two of em. Odd things, don’t sound so great on their own but run em over hot through an analog mixer or with some FX and they get interesting. Also the fact that you get MIDI to pulse clock sync “for free” and they take on a whole new level of useful blending some analog gear into your rig.