Site down(ish)?

Direct links to stories seem to still work, but neither the blog view nor the main page appear to be loading ATM.

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Being worked on at the moment.


While everything is working perfectly from the Land of Ooo, may I contribute… This?

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For the love of god, please keep the page numbers. Going to is now the same as going to Everything is now a jumbled mess and the live bookmark is only a finite size, once they drop off the bottom of that it’s a bitch to find them. Whyyyyy. :cry:


I second this.

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Yes this x 9000. Please repair the page/1 link. It is the only way I can read boing boing.


Remember the olden days with websafe fonts and pipe characters?

Enjoy, OG

(The /page/ scheme just died with a config change. pagination will be on /blog/ soon, and in the meantime gets almost everything)


They love us! They really really love us!

Great! Thanks.

Well sure, though /category/post looks like ass if you block, us script blockers aren’t seeing the love anymore but fair enough. Though if it doesn’t catch everything i still got to go through grid view in case i missed anything. :sob:

I like /blog view so far with pagination and showing numbers of comments but it doesn’t seem to be in sync with the main page, i’m still seeing the cat-themed lingerie article at the top. is for YOUR TYPE, sir


Ewww! I don’t think i’m authentic OG enough for that. Good day, Sir.

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