Skull and Bones: Ubisoft's follow-up to its most acclaimed game is here, and it's not very good

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If you’re feeling burnt out on these massive scale, games as a service games you’re not the only one.

Go find yourself a cozy yet deep rougelike to wash the taste out. I’ve played the demo of the poker roguelike Balatro this week quite a bit and the organization rpg roguelike Backpack Hero through the holiday season.


Black Flag is fun but if you think it’s “certainly the single best pirate game ever made” you should try a second pirate game.




The rest of the article and headline is about how Skull and Bones isn’t very good, but the article does claim that Black Flag is the best pirate game made, even if it says that the Assassin’s Creed franchise wasn’t as good after that.

Did your addition note that? You said

But the article doesn’t discuss how Black Flag isn’t a good game. It discusses how Skull and Bones isn’t a good game. The article seems to still suggest that Black Flag is the best pirate game, and doesn’t really say anything too negative about Black Flag. So I’m not sure why you’re suggested George Jefferson didn’t read the article in full.

I haven’t tried it, but I hear a lot of people say Sid Meyer’s Pirates! is great? Not sure if it’s better or worse than Black Flag personally.


There are more opinions than pirate games, that’s for sure.


black flag is a big fish in a small pond. sea of thieves is nice but doesn’t really have black flag’s immaculate sense of place or immersion, and sid meier’s pirates is 20 this year. maybe poptropica? lmao


I played Pirates! for many hours. I even bought it twice, once on a physical disc when it first came out, and much later on GOG.

I have it on GOG, but it’s in my game backlog still! One of these days I’ll get around to it.

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The best pirate game? There shouldn’t even need to be a debate.


Every comment I wanted to say but what about The Secret of Monkey Island? There is no debate!


Eh maybe wiat for full release instead of basing off open beta where it states its a work in progress and could have issue. I personally enjoyed it . It did remind me of sid Meyers pirates just better graphics


Look, a three headed monkey!


The thing is if you look at the official subreddit it really hasnt turned against the game. This is just another pesimistic article just like pcgamer, who doesnt bother to go into it with the mindset of your a pirate and you get to loot and sink ships.

I’m confused–this article goes into why S&B isn’t good but then doesn’t detail anything about it. I was hoping for an article, not a few paragraphs.

This guy speaks the truth.

Damn, that’s a low blow.


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