Skysphere: fantastic hang-out globular tower pad


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What a freakin’ eyesore.


Never would have gotten past my town’s building code…


I’ll bet hours of partying and alcohol would make navigating the ladder … ‘exciting’ and greivous.


oh the ladder! the ladder!


Beer dispenser and no bathroom. Does anyone else see a problem with that?


Wait. I thought that’s what the center hole was for? DOH!


See, that’s why you never get invited to otherwordly skysphere parties any more.


more like a SkyPuck, roll bars don’t a sphere make.

all it needs is a hole in the floor, those ground dwellers can deal with the mess amiright? skydump™

until you have to climb down to get more beer. those rungs get messy!


What it needs is a slide spiraling down the outside of the core for quick escapes / dashes to the outhouse. Chutes and ladders.


And this is supposedly in “New Zealand”, so where’s the bed for the sheep?


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