Small antelope is determined to attack man


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She may be small, but she is fierce.


“This is the LAST TIME I take the kids to a Butting Zoo.”


Perhaps with a delicious BBQ?


That’s ridiculous. Antelope can’t light matches.


In that scenario, the antelope could have one of those push button electric starter grills and headbutt the switch.


Given the approximate altitude of those horns, that could be a rather dangerous creature.


Coyotes harassing people, black bears walking in your neighborhood, and now this. Are we still considered the top of the food chain because the animals seem to think we have given up on that.


Marital quarrel?


the fact it cuts off before the end makes me think the antelope won, because if the human had won you just KNOW the video would show it.


This is why Godzilla took out Bambi right away.


What a Dik Dik.



i think the appropriate vocabulary is ‘smol’


I am not as patient as that kind guy in the video.


The problem is that antelope don’t have submission behaviours. They attack rivals until one or both fall over.


I was once on a bus in Tanzania and as we passed a herd of antelope I saw one of the antelope start charging the bus. I was like ‘dude - not only is the bus bigger than you, it’s going down the road at about 40 km an hour’.

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