Woman offers treat to wild antelope, who pays her back with a violent charge to the ground (video)

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Just leave wild animals alone, yo.


Those adorable antelope have adapted to survive around lions, hyenas, and wild dogs.

They are not your friend.


And given the way most of us treat the rest of the planet most of the time, humans are not their friends either… and they know it.


Antelopes do not take bribes.


only the prolopes do.

Sorry, very old joke.


Why would a Kudu be at Yellowstone ? Was it also a tourist?


Wild animals are not toys or pets, and you are not the protagonist in a Disney cartoon. They are not trained, they are not big foofy kittens, they will not break into song for you, they do not need people food, they do not mind living outdoors.

Almost every wild animal is more than capable of fucking you up hard. You are soft and squishy and defenseless, and your only advantage is your intelligence, and if you insist on shutting your brain off because you’re convinced Doctor Doolittle is real life, then you deserve the curbstomping nature is fully capable of providing.

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The guy almost sounds like Brian Posehn.

Happy Season 4 GIF by The Simpsons

I’ll add, stop getting your knowledge of nature from Disney movies.


I’m not sure it’s even at that high a level.

I grew up near an animal park we went to every once in a while. Some of the things I overheard. eeesh.

“I want to pet the kitty”
You go ahead and pet that black and white kitty, just let me be far, far away and upwind.

“Look at the sheep!”
Last I checked, sheep don’t go “mooo”


Yick. This is part of why I am quite loud when explaining to my kid about the difference between the wild animals and the petting zoo animals when we visit a local rescue zoo. We had a great discussion once on how that cougar could easily eat a child her size. This did not frighten her but did get a few other kids looking at the cougar with wide eyes
I do not feel guilty for any subsequent nightmares. That’s survival info


I am sure the idiots that do this all have facebook and have lol’ed at the videos of all the other silly people getting a pop from an animal in the national parks… you know, videos EXACTLY like this one.

That Kudu is a tame wild animal in a safari park on an entirely different continent than Yellowstone.

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