Small pieces of glass found in some Kit Kat bars

Originally published at: Small pieces of glass found in some Kit Kat bars | Boing Boing

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The summary at the top of the article says no white or dark, but the article text and boing boing summary say no milk or dark. Based on the products affected, I’m going to guess the article is wrong and the bullet point at the top is accurate.


It seems to me that a good policy would be to complete your safety checks before the lot leaves the building.


Please don’t break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.



How the hell are they more concerned about the presence of glass than they are fingers!?! How many fingers are people losing in that plant, anyway?


I’ll bet they’re glad that it was Kit Kats and not Butterfingers (Ferrero, not Nestle though), as the Butterfinger’s crispity, crunchety texture would hide the glass for sure.

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