Smartmatic files a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News, Giuliani, Powell

Originally published at: Smartmatic files a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News, Giuliani, Powell | Boing Boing


Is this a totally separate company than Dominion? If so, I hadnt realized Fox and co. had gone after more than one manufacturer. Whoooopsie! Maybe Rudy can defend them, oh wait, he’s a named party, ha.


that’s a very interesting wording because it doesn’t retract or even contradict their fraud claims. i wonder – should this go to trial – if they’ll still be claiming fraud for years to come.

depressingly maybe court will just be another platform for them to broadcast their claims loud and wide. not to mention a chance to play the victim to their audience.


Good. Electronic voting systems are problematic, but multi-billion-dollar lawsuits are the only things that seem to scare right-wing media outlets and pundits.


That’s the kind of jury summons I’d love to get.


What the hell happened to Maria Bartiromo? I used to watched he about a decade ago and generally thought her financial reporting was solid.


Won’t it be bizarre if the GOP actually ends up getting behind paper trail ballots for voting systems? I’ve heard a few of them utter such things, but I have a tough time seeing them follow through with it.

If people were running smart, of-the-times guerrilla PR campaigns on social media, they’d be pushing known-GOP voters’ buttons NOW to support paper audits for all voting machines. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say. Maybe I’ll quit my job and give it a go, who knows.

She seemed utterly harmless when her career began. Too much time spent with Lou Dobbs I imagine, although I might say the same about him (I remember liking Dobbs’ financial reporting when I was a teenager, over 25 years ago – but what did I know).


I have heard that from David Pakman as well. Solid financial reporting. I guess peddling conspiracy theories is easier.


Safe search is your friend.


Almost all of the machines they claim got poisoned by undead, socialist wizards use a paper ballot.

We hear “voting machines” and think of the recordless all digital ones from the 00’s. Almost every state has transitioned to the scanner model, at a minimum machines with a seperate paper ballot.

Some of the particular machines they’re up their own ass about use a machine to print the ballots. Pre-filled from voter input on demand. To be counted seperately by a scanner (after a check/confirmation by the voter).


Voting systems that don’t use paper ballots are problematic.
Fully electronic voting systems that don’t create a human-auditable paper trail are a terrible idea.
Voting online is a non-starter.

Voting systems that use machines to tally paper human-readable ballots which can be easily audited by hand? Now we’re talking.


Can there ever be a “safe search” for “Giuliani sweating”? Safe word, maybe, but I won’t kink-shame.


I hadn’t realized this approach was embraced so widely at this point. Which is great to hear! It’s how we do it here in Baltimore.

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Just in case someone hasn’t heard this already, Smartmatic’s role in the 2020 general election was limited to providing services to Los Angeles County.


As of this writing, the story is all over the news, but appears nowhere on the Fox News site. Heck, this lawsuit is the only reason I’ve had in my adult life to knowingly visit their propaganda factory.


You love to see it. Hopefully litigious voting machine companies can do what others have failed to do, and squash the big lie about the vote being “stolen.” Or at least make the cynical liars who tell that story take a hit.

That Newsmax segment was so satisfyingly ironic, and I look forward to more of that. Trying to propagate a narrative that people like Lindell are being “canceled” by lefties doesn’t work very well when right-wing media has to “cancel” him for exactly the same reasons.


This company handled exactly one (1) county in 2020 and is claiming $2.7B in damages? I guess they’re arguing that if Fox News didn’t lie so much they would handle all of the voting for the US going forward?

That’s why they are suing. It’s an obvious lie that could ruin their business worldwide if unchallenged.


Man, this has to be one of the stupidest aspects of this whole madness. They swung so wide that their accusations spilled over into places where the GOP has a snowball’s chance of making a difference. But hey, there are a lot of Hispanics to disenfranchise in LA, so why the hell not? Go big or go home.


Yeah only 1 state (Louisiana) still relies on direct record machines. And hand marked paper ballots read by machine is the most common approach.

They linger in a few other roles but that approach is pretty much on it’s way out.

IIRC some districts in NYC still use their ballot scanners.

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