Fox airs a Big Lie disclaimer after Trump repeats his election woes at CPAC

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So you’re in a crowded theater and the light flickers and the manager comes out and says not to worry, everything is okay. But then some fat orange guy yells “FIRE!” (even though he has no evidence that there is one), and so you panic and jump up and the manager is in the way so you deck him. They call the cops on you and you are now in jail for battery. What you did is illegal and you should be in jail for it. Unfortunately the fat orange guy is friends with the judge and so he didn’t get in trouble at all. But even so, wouldn’t you at least consider suing the fat orange guy in a jury trial for at least partially getting you into the mess?


When a political party’s only remaining ‘plank’ is a clear falsehood does that merit them tax exemption due to having become a church?


That’s hardly a disclaimer. It simply says “the voting machine companies deny this.” Which, of course they would. A disclaimer would be “The president is making false statements.”

They’re walking a line.


It’s disingenuous of them to ascribe the opposing position to “the voting machine companies” instead of, you know, the US’s whole electoral apparatus.



Has Trump himself said anything about the voting machines being tampered with? Has he done so post-presidency?

THIS! They are removing the agency of the claim maker, and merely suggesting that the subject of the claim says otherwise. No claim of staking out the actual, verifiable truth of the matter.

Mealy-mouthed non-claims.


Yes, and that line is “Not to get sued by the voting machine companies”.

Too bad the states can’t sue for the various lies.


That’s not much of a disclaimer. They’re not saying “this is untrue” they’re saying “the company denies it.” For the true believer that may as well be confirmation. “Of course they deny it, nobody’s gonna admit to the crime of the century.” (oops, I see @Les_Pane made the same point.)

Say it again and again-- Fox News’ own polls had Trump at below 50% approval rating for the entire four years. It’s not unprecedented that Trump would lose, it’s assured. All he had was the economy to brag about, and once COVID hit he didn’t even have that.


And everyone in Foxland and environs is suspiciously silent on the new market highs, rising employment numbers, etc., under the current administration. Instead, it’s mock indignation at the budget [HA!] and national health efforts. And Hunter Biden’s artwork.


Fox didn’t even have to issue a disclaimer in the first place. He’s not even talking about voting machines. I think if he had then the disclaimer would have been much stronger, much more specific.

Is this legit, or a mere bit of shoopery? I know that the postal service does offer a custom “your image on a stamp” service, but I figured they’d have some kind of editorial control of them.


These stamps have a higher value than the reputation of the individual depicted on them.


Well, Trump had a lock on the racism, the misogyny, the xenophobia, the lies, the sexual assualts, the hypocrisy, the self dealing - he really led Biden in the areas that white republicans care about!


FOX only makes the shit-sandwich. They won’t eat it.


Jesus, if you’re going to correct someone else’s typo, make sure it is a typo first.

The original chyron refers to “Trump and his counsel”, which is correct. You attempted to correct what you thought was a mistake by writing “Trump and his councel [council]”: “councel” isn’t a word, and “council” is the wrong word in this context.

What I wouldn’t give for a goddamned proofreader.


I would like this to come up in court and prove not to provide even a fig leaf of defense.

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Can’t go wrong with [sic]


right after Trump once again performed his tired ol’ routine

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